December 2, 2021

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EA plans to bring back the Fight Night series

But first, something else.

Fight Night is an EA sports series dedicated to boxing. Unfortunately, its declining popularity ensured that we last saw the Night Champion in 2011, and since then the series has been on forced leave and EA has replaced the UFC series in one form or another.

But that is likely to change. Well-known insider Tom Henderson revealed that EA is planning a new project called Moneyball, and behind that name lies a reboot of the series. Unfortunately, we also have to reveal the less pleasant news here in one breath.

Although EA is planning to revive Fight Night, we won’t see the game soon. The development of the Moneyball project began, but was stopped so that the studio could focus on UFC 5. Only after the release of this game will the development forces regroup and begin developing a new Fight Night. However, this means that there are still several years before release.

In an internal email from EA, the decision was justified: “We want to eliminate the need for project management members to focus on multiple projects simultaneously. Instead, they will focus on developing UFC 5 at the best possible quality.”

It seems reasonable…

Source: VGC

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