January 16, 2022

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Dying Light 2 showcases mediocre skill trees and many new unlockable moves

Dying Light 2 showcases mediocre skill trees and many new unlockable moves

Dying Light 2: Stay Human should give players plenty of opportunities to upgrade their skills, and Techland has provided a sneak peek at new ability trees that you’ll discover when the game launches early next month. Things seem to be a bit cut already because the game will have two ability trees, while the original Dying Light was released with three expansions and more added. This means that most of the time it looks like you’ll unlock the real skills in Dying Light 2, not the passive enthusiasts that are often distributed in the original Dying Light. There will also be two XPs, Combat and Parkour, so you’ll need to play strategically to maximize your skills. Check out the skill trees below.

Dying Light 2 showcases the wonderful world of beauty in the latest 4K RTX release on a trailer

Looks like I’ll have a lot of chances to jump on zombie faces, so I’m happy. Can’t keep up with Dying Light 2? This is the official description of the game:

Over twenty years ago, we fought the virus in Harran – and lost. Now we are playing again. The city, one of the last great human settlements, is riven by conflict. Civilization has returned to the dark ages. However we still have hope. You are a tramp who has the power to change the fate of the city. But your exceptional abilities come at a price. Hunted with memories you can’t decipher, you set out to find out the truth… and find yourself in a battle zone. Improve your skills because you will need both fists and wits. Reveal the dark secrets behind those in power, choose parties and decide your destiny. But wherever your actions take you, there is one thing you will never forget – stay human

  • Huge open world – Take part in the life of a city mired in a new dark age. Discover tons of hidden paths and paths as you explore their various levels and locations.
  • Choices and consequences – Shape the future of the city with your actions and watch it change. Determine the balance of power by making decisions in an increasing conflict and building your own experience.
  • Day and night cycle – Wait for the night to go to the dark hiding places. Sunlight keeps them in check, but as they pass by, monsters start hunting and leave their lair to explore.
  • Creative and brutal combat – Use your parkour skills to tilt the most brutal encounters. Smart thinking, traps and creative weapons will be your best friends.
  • Cooperative play for 2-4 players – Play in cooperation with up to four players. Organize your own games or join others and see how their decisions have evolved differently from yours.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human vychádza na PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 a Switch cez cloud 4. February 2022.

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