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Dramatic situation in the UK: Fuel fights, refueling with knives and plastic bags

Dramatic situation in the UK: Fuel fights, refueling with knives and plastic bags

30. 09. 2021 11:25 | London / jh

Conflicts and attacks occur at still-functioning petrol stations.

Conflict at British gas station
Photo: Profimedia

“Waterless” petrol stations across the UK have become a major problem. The reason is the lack of fuel drivers to transport fuel to the closed petrol stations. This has caused panic, convulsions and stress for petrol.

The situation began to worsen. For the sixth day in a row impatient people standing in columns are engaged in shouting, fighting and fighting. As he said Daily mail, Videos of physical assaults or despair of refueling in plastic bags or plastic bottles began to spread on social networks. Petrol will dissolve such a substance in a short time.

Conflicts often occur when someone “consumes too much fuel”.

The British government called in the army for help. They sent spare tanks to the streets of several cities, with about 80 vehicles delivering fuel to gas stations. 150 Army drivers and another 150 Army members are ready to provide support.

More than a quarter of London taxi drivers do not work due to petrol shortages

Taxi drivers in the British capital are not expecting a quick release of the fuel crisis. “Despite Boris Johnson’s wishes, the situation has not improved,” Steve McNamara, president of the London Taxi Drivers’ Association, told BBC Radio 4. On Tuesday (September 28), 25% to 30% of taxi drivers could not. Working in London. Without petrol they would also be out of work, ”McNamara added.

The councils in front of petrol stations that still have fuel are still long. According to McNamar, it is necessary to provide exemptions for businesses that cannot continue without refueling.

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Citing industry sources, the Times said Wednesday it could take weeks to ease the situation visually.

Fuel shortages in the UK

Fuel shortages in the UK Photo: Profimedia