November 28, 2021

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Windows 11 vs Windows 10

Download Windows 11 on Other Devices Starting Today! Microsoft is speeding up update availability

a company Microsoft Announced an acceleration in the distribution of the latest version of the operating system windows. Latest version bearing the sticker Windows 11 It’ll get into the hands of another huge handful of users, of course only if they want access for themselves after the update. However, we can also expect a more aggressive campaign to promote the transition to the new Windows 11 operating system, as Microsoft has done in the past.

Accelerate the adoption of Windows 11

Microsoft recently Blog post Reveal not only change Cadence of the current Windows 10 update release But also about the mentioned acceleration for the transition to the new Windows 11. The company allegedly decided to take this step for several reasons. However, the main thing is most likely the unexpectedly low number of errors and problems that occurred to users. Hundreds of thousands of other users will be able to download the latest version starting today.

“Based on the positive update experience and user feedback we’ve seen so far, we’re moving faster than we previously anticipated and are now making the Windows 11 upgrade available to a larger group of users on the right Windows 10 devices,” Microsoft said. your blog.

Windows 11 availability is still very limited

Of course, Windows 11 is still relatively new, and it is not recommended to install it for all Windows 10 devices. Currently, there is an option to upgrade to the new Windows 11. Only for devices that have passed the compatibility check. This is a special software tool that detects all hardware parameters of your device and then recommends or does not allow upgrading to the new Windows 11. The restriction also applies to software, as the latest operating system from Microsoft can only be installed on devices with the version Windows 10 2004 a novšou. You should also make sure you have it before installing The security update rollup was installed on September 14th, or later.

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Consider adopting the new Windows 11 operating system

If you decide to use the latest version of Windows, be sure to think carefully. Old versions are still not quite complete and You may encounter many problems, whether With software or hardware compatibility your device. However, for now, Windows 11 is still playing a car, but a small user base should be taken into account. The rapid and mass adoption of previously undeveloped devices can give rise to a number of problems that Microsoft anticipates in one form or another.

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