October 23, 2021

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Dorota Nvotová released a new album Ten

BRATISLAVA, SEPTEMBER 25 (TASR) – Musician, writer and traveler Dorota Nvotova is releasing her sixth studio recording titled Ten after three years. It was created in times requiring culture and many other industries. However, a crisis can sometimes have positive effects, especially when it comes to human creativity. Originally it was only supposed to be one single, and eventually it was a new album. TASR was informed of this by the Director of Public Relations Alexander Čerevka.

The whole process began last year with the song Tabak, which Dorothy was coping with the death of his father and at the same time a gift from his daughter on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the absence of Jarrow Phillip.

We didn’t have the money to record, but I thought we could handle one song somehow. We came to the studio, where I used to record the Volmay audiobook, and we sat a lot with sound engineer Mag Dubak. I called Tomasz Sloboda to see if he would produce it. While we were recording, I noticed the Revox tape. I tell myself – oh my god, if only we could picture him on a belt like that. Thomas and Mag said we’ll shoot,Dorota Nevutova begins her story.

At that time, the culture was weak, and raising money for the entire album during the crisis seemed unrealistic. Dorota came up with the idea for the platform – buying a song for an album, like crowdfunding. It worked right away and it was sold out within two weeks. There was even a wish list for other songs in the future.

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We have been given a lot of freedom. There were no concerts due to the pandemic, so we had complete peace to record. I got up while I was in prison. We didn’t have a single test, everything was created right in the studio,Nvotová explains.

The album is ten with ten songs and from it you can feel that it was created without stress, with joy and without any expense. Music sometimes gets a cinematic vibe and leaves room for imagination. It is also helped by the uniqueness of analog recording. The basis of the drum, bass and piano lineup was recorded on tape in a single track. Live like a concert without headphones and perfect without glitches.

The playlist also includes one of Milan Lasica’s last lyrics for In the Rain. Lúzer’s composition is once again a dialogue about men between Dorota and her mother, actress Anna išková.

Slnko Records will release new studio Ten on September 24. At the end of September, Dorota Nevotova embarked with her on a tour of ten concerts, which begins on October 1 in Martin and ends on October 24 in Prešov.

Lyrical video in the rain: https://www.youtube.com/watch?