January 16, 2022

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Don't have Christmas gifts yet?  Here are some tips from the world of electronics

Don’t have Christmas gifts yet? Here are some tips from the world of electronics

Source: Mobilonline.sk

The date on the calendar is almost number 24. With Christmas approaching, not only the joy of the most beautiful holiday of the year increases, but also the tension – have you already bought gifts? Do you know who will make you happy?

executive notebook For work and school

Mobilonline currently has 56 physical stores in Slovakia, and of course an online store where you can find everything for your smartphone.

If you are thinking of more valuable gifts that will not be left somewhere in the closet after the holiday, this is a good choice is to choose from a wide range of electronics offered by mobileonline.sk. Do you have a son or daughter in distance learning at home? Or a college student? They will definitely enjoy their new laptop, and will use it for their studies maybe every day – it will be money well invested.

But with laptops, the equation applies: the more powerful, the more expensive. But you can bypass it and buy it cheaper. how? Mobilonline . shooting company, which has been in the market for several years, also sells refurbished laptops. This means that in addition to new electronics, they also sell used technology, which, however, is checked by experts. You can count on refurbished laptops.

Source: Mobilonline.sk

Auto-refurbished laptops do not match the used ones that you can buy in different markets. Premium refurbished business class laptops were not owned by private individuals, but rather were owned by international companies and organizations. Their employees need to work on the latest and most powerful computers, so they have to replace them often for new models. Although laptops work one hundred percent.

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Buying a refurbished laptop, phone or other device protects nature and your wallet. Refurbished laptops have a long life, which leads to sustainable shopping behaviour. Instead of buying a completely new one, refurbishing gives you a chance to use an already used and still fully functional laptop that could have been doomed to fail. Mobilonline is already known for its eco-friendly way.

The renewal process also includes the following activities:

  • Cleaning and degreasing the outer cover and screen of the laptop
  • Cleaning and dusting of internal components
  • laptop functionality test
  • Battery and charging test
  • Picture and sound quality test
  • Classification of refurbished laptops according to visual wear

You can buy a €2000 laptop for a fraction of the price

The prices of refurbished laptops will in some cases equal the amount of new laptops commonly available to consumers. But this does not mean that they are commensurate with the quality. Refurbished laptops are sold at a fraction of the price, and the original prices were over €2000. They have a much stronger and more durable structure. The cover is usually aluminum or carbon, while traditional laptops are only plastic, which can easily break and get damaged. Thus, their service life is much less compared to refurbished commercial laptops.

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All refurbished laptops are in perfect condition and technically functional as new. Previous use could, of course, have resulted in minor beauty flaws. However, it has no effect on the performance and quality of the refurbished laptop. It could be small scratches or nicks.

Source: Mobilonline.sk

The new phone will also delight you under the tree

Another good tip for a gift under the Christmas tree is a high-end phone. At Mobilonline you will find new phones, new buyable phones and refurbished phones.

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new phones It is from the official Slovak distribution. You get 24 months warranty on it. The phone has never been used and has complete accessories unpacked.

Source: Mobilonline.sk

Recovery phones are new and have never been used. You also get a full 24 months warranty. There are protective chips on the mobile phone directly from the factory and the package also includes complete accessories unpacked.

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Used phones from purchase (Refurbished) divided into classes a, b, c, d according to the signs of use. You will get 12 months warranty. Phones are packaged in the original box or ECO box if the original box is damaged. The package also includes accessories. All used phones from the purchase have been fully checked and tested and you can use them as new phones.

Source: Mobilonline.sk

smart products

Various gadgets from our range of clever accessories and home accessories under the Christmas tree are sure not to disappoint you. The athlete or the person who wants to change their lifestyle will be happy smart watch, which not only displays the current time, date and weather, but is also complemented by features such as a stopwatch, odometer, speedometer, pedometer, heart rate, sports activities, sleep quality monitoring, music playback, or read text messages and notifications from a phone.

Source: Mobilonline.sk

For example, it can be useful at home Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, which will save you a lot of time.

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Interesting gift too Fitness bracelet, tablet or e-book reader.

phone accessories? definitely yes

You wouldn’t step next to it even if you gave it to your loved ones phone accessories. You can choose from a wide range of different phone protection accessories, such as mobile phone cases. A bluetooth headset, power bank or car phone charger is also a good gift tip.

Guaranteed delivery by Christmas

You will still be able to choose gifts for your loved ones under the Christmas tree. But the sooner you order them, the sooner you’ll remove that sweet but often stressful “obligation” from the menu.

Mobilonline guarantees delivery by Christmas of all merchandise orders at its central warehouse, created by 12:00 on December 20.

Source: Mobilonline.sk

Subscribe to the contest

Are you the competitive type? If so, make sure not to miss the Mobilonline Facebook contest. Every day until Christmas you have a chance to win a valuable prize. For example, there have been competitions for wireless headphones, smartphones, a small car charger or even a power bank.

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