January 21, 2022

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Domestic piety on the second Sunday after Revelation (January 16, 2022)


Glory to you, Almighty God, Lord of eternity. Glory to you, O Lord, holy, Lord of grace! Your great love and the wisdom of the earth, the infinite power of heaven and the glory of heaven. Infinite power and heavenly glory!

Reading God’s Word from Exodus 33:17-23

And the Lord said to Moses, I also will do what you said, because you have found favor in my eyes, and I make you known by your name. And he said, Show me your glory. And the Lord said, I will come with all my glory before you, and I will say my name before you, O Lord. The man will not see me if he is alive. And the Lord said, Behold, there is a place with me. Stand on the rock. When my glory passes, I will put you in a cleft in the rock and cover you with my palm until I cross. Then I will draw my hand and you will see my back, but he will not see my face.”

Dear brothers and sisters!

In Exodus 33, we find Moses in a bold conversation with the Lord. He wants to know His ways, He wants to know Him (v13), and finally He wants to see His glory. These are very bold requests.

modest requirements

In my childhood, we were taught not to exaggerate demands. Our parents, pastors, and teachers led us to modesty, so we’ve always considered it rude for someone to ask too much. The well-known fairy tale about the goldfish, where the fisherman’s wife no longer knows what to ask, always reminds us of this direction. But this is not the case with the Lord. Doctor. Martin Luther says it is a sin to ask a king a begging wand, not a royal gift. Moses is proof of that. Today’s dialogue is amazing, because we will probably never allow ourselves to talk to the Lord in this way. But Moses is asking for more and more. It reminds us of Abraham, who also prayed for Sodom and wanted more and more. And the Lord? Having found grace in his eyes, Moses complied with the most courageous requests and showed him his glory.

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God’s revelation

The Lord God showed his glory to Moses in a wonderful way. He showed him no face, for no man could see her without dying, but at least he showed him his back. However, it is an extraordinary blessing and a great announcement. And she’s not the only one. And the Lord appeared to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, and many others. These were all unusual events, accompanied by strange natural phenomena. But if we thought that God appeared only in this way, it would be wrong.

Today is Sunday for the Christian family and it tells us that the presence of the Lord Jesus sanctifies the family. On this Sunday, the wedding synagogues in Canaan are read in Galilee in the temples, where the Lord Jesus performed his first miracle, which is very prose – he turned water into wine. However, he also proclaimed him as the Son of God. The perceptive man could have known at the time that Jesus was no ordinary man. We see how God’s revelation changes, or alternatively how the Trinity God also appears in works. Each of Jesus’ actions was another and additional revelation of the power of God.

Revelation in the Church

Thus the Lord Jesus appears to us in the works He did during His life, but also in the works He does today or in the many manifestations of His power. The church is one place where God’s revelation can be most intensely realized. She carries to the world the word of God and the sacred mysteries, and through the Holy Spirit, calls people into the community of Christians. The fact that the Word of God appears here and that Christians meet their Savior at the Lord’s table is also a way of proclaiming Him. Where else do we meet so intensely and know the Lord and his will and his glory, if not in the church that transmits his word and his word to us.

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Revelation in the family

Another place for the revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ is our home. We might be surprised, for we imagine the traditional hustle and bustle, when everyone rushes to work or school in the morning, when family members don’t have time for each other during the day and when they don’t come together for different interests in the evening or at a common Sunday table. Well, such a house is not really a place for the proclamation of the Lord Jesus, but this is mainly because the Lord Jesus often has no place in such a family and family members do not care much about him. But in a family where people realize Jesus is their Lord, dedicate their hearts and time to Him, where they can come together upon hearing God’s word or God’s hymn, it’s suddenly different. There the people begin to form another very close and friendly community, and there the Lord Jesus sanctifies the family and appears there as well, either before the owners of the house or before other people.


Living with the Lord Jesus Christ not only in church but also at home becomes a unique testimony. Suddenly people say: Ah, what a well-organised, beautiful and loving family. They begin to think about how this is possible nowadays and often think that it is likely to be the faith professed by family members. And so the Lord Jesus bears witness and appears to the people around us, because neither our faith nor our organized life is our merit. It is he who builds everything if we leave space and time to him in our hearts, our calendars, or our family table.

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Therefore, let us invite the Lord Jesus not only into our hearts but also into our families. Let us invite housewives to communicate the word of God or God’s hymn, let us make time for each other at home, talk about our joys and fears, thus giving the Lord Jesus time and space to build a true family among us. Then we will bear witness to the revelation of God’s power and glory, which will appear to us at home. Trustworthy.


O Lord Jesus Christ, you sanctify the household. You are the one without whom nothing happens, the one who builds and gives peace, love and joy. Please enter our hearts and be a member of our families. Help us to be able to give you time and attention and to be able to invite our loved ones to meet with you. May we entrust everyone to your holy hands and expect your glory, power and love to be proclaimed directly among us. May our life be a testament to you. Trustworthy.

Song of the EC 62

On a beautiful night, God showed me his goodness in the child, the angels celebrated him, and by the light beyond the dark night, that light enlightens us and the sun is beyond its brightness.