November 28, 2021

Beyond Going Long

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Doctors see teenage girls gaining tics and think TikTok might as well

Buzzfeed Daily: Everything sounds amazing and unbearable. And I think it only comes with an area with new technologies and a slow examination of their impact on people. I realize you touched on it a little earlier, but what were the most useful things you learned while writing this article?

Not a word: Some doctors said that many patients were helped only by the opportunity to tell these young people that they are under control and that they can learn how to learn the behavior. Some doctors tell me it’s not always, but sometimes right away, when patients get a strict diagnosis, they say to me, “You know, we understand you don’t pretend, you can’t do that.” Maintaining a normal routine was another thing the doctor found helpful that sometimes when these kids have tics and have a seizure at school, it can be really embarrassing. It can be annoying and stressful. They can go to the nurse and come home all day. But this disorder and these changes can lead to tics. And so it is better to devote yourself to your daily life, to maintain a routine, if possible, not to make those disturbances and changes.

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