December 2, 2021

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divides society.  A phone that impresses some and others

divides society. A phone that impresses some and others

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Not everyone buys. And everyone doesn’t even want it. It was simply created as an alternative for those who are already bored with regular phones. In short, Samsung said it is fully engaged in one industry with one complete line foldable phones. He wants to innovate and tries to interest. Although we personally love the phone, we can objectively understand the flaws it brings.


Anyone who holds this phone in their hands will find the Z Fold 3 really heavy and rude. That’s right, it’s actually two smartphones stacked on top of each other. This brings the device to a thickness of 1.6 cm when folded.

Source: Elizabeth Harry Gavend / HN

However, when you open it, you’re still holding a nice, thin and light tablet at just 6.4mm thick. There are several ways to view the Z Fold 3. A rough and heavy smartphone, or a light and compact tablet can also reduce the size.

The front side is a very narrow screen. The disadvantage is writing longer letters on it, especially if you have larger fingers. On the other hand, if you need to control the phone with one hand, thanks to this slimness, you can perfectly reach all the keys on the keyboard with your thumb.

Watch how the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 takes photos:

Once opened, you will be greeted from the inside by a large screen with a smooth wavy line in the middle. It can be seen from different angles thanks to the reflection of light. However, when the user classically looks at it from the front and flips the content, he doesn’t realize it at all. Both displays have a refresh rate of 120Hz, which has become a major flagship. It takes care of the smooth scrolling of the content and reduces cropping of the image.

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flexible mechanism

The charm of this phone is due to a single component in addition to the foldable screen. It is a flexible mechanism, that is, a massive joint in the middle part. It has undergone some improvements over its predecessor. It opens with great pleasure, holds a large number of positions and this time the manufacturer installed it with a protective layer that prevents water from entering the intestine.

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