January 21, 2022

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District chiefs discussed their financing and health care reform

District chiefs discussed their financing and health care reform

Oponice, September 30 (TASR) – The heads of the autonomous regions met on Thursday for the 17th session of the Assembly of the Association of Autonomous Regions SK8. At the meeting held in Oponice in the Topoľčany region, the topics of improving the hospital network, financing social services, and preparing the public transport law dominated. The heads of the regions also discussed the proposal of legislative changes in the field of arranging property rights to land under buildings owned by the higher territorial units (VÚC) and the topic of financing the autonomous regions themselves. The meeting also dealt with preparations for the celebrations of the 20th anniversary of the founding of the autonomous regions. Historically, the first local elections took place on December 2, 2001.

According to the head of SK8 and at the same time the head of the Trnava Autonomous Region, Josef Veskobich, it is necessary to change the performance of the public administration, errors of which appeared only two decades later. “Instead of a flexible system of public service delivery, we have a centralized system, regional government administration, regional administration, city and municipal autonomy and the like, and a real and institutional qualification “mirš-marš”, which needs to be settled and considered at the same time.” He said.

According to Veskopic, the long-discussed public administration reform goes hand in hand with reform of the tax system. “Regions depend on the collection of a single tax, moreover, they do not specify its rate. We would like to apply to see if it will be a green tax, environmental tax, carbon tax or somehow an opportunity to interfere with the formation of corporate taxation, so that we can not only support Plato, but actually support SMEs andVeskopic stated.

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Health care reform was one of the topics that dominated the meeting of the heads of the autonomous regions. “We are very sensitive to this topic, because individual parts of the regions in the regions are arguing about us. We should all take care that the availability of health care is not restricted in any way,This was stated by the head of the Zilina Autonomous Region, Erica Gorinova.

According to her, the regions need to reform and stabilize in the first place outpatient care, which has become unavailable for many regions. “We have empty clinics, old doctors, and outgoing doctors. It is necessary to address personnel issues in healthcare, the way doctors are trained and certifications are to be addressed,Said Gorenova.

Meanwhile, it stated that if the autonomous regions are the health care coordinator for the regions, their representatives should be invited to meetings where decisions are made on health care reforms. “The health care reform was introduced by the ministry, approved by the government, and it is now being discussed at the regional level. We are now starting to talk about the hospital that meets the standards,Yurinova said, according to which some hospitals, which were already identified as community in the original proposals, are already based on criteria as regional hospitals, that is, hospitals of a higher type.