December 2, 2021

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Disney+ is already preparing for Slovaks.  Slovak dubbing and subtitles added

Disney+ is already preparing for Slovaks. Slovak dubbing and subtitles added

After the negative news about the postponement of the arrival of Disney + in Slovakia, which was originally supposed to start rolling out on our market this fall, there is interesting news in the field of dubbing. Although we will not officially launch broadcasts in our country yet, the first titles with Slovak dubbing, as well as Slovak subtitles, have already begun to appear on their show. Our reader Eric pointed out this news.

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The streaming service Disney+ won’t arrive in Slovakia this fall as the company originally planned. This was confirmed to by the head of communications for our region, Marta SzafraƄska. In the submitted opinion, it announces the postponement of Disney Plus’s arrival in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and other countries in Central and Eastern Europe. for 2022.

Disney+ already offers first titles in Slovak

However, when Disney+ is also in our area, it will also offer viewers titles with Slovak dub in its content view. In the past, has also announced the addition of Slovak to Disney+, especially in films that have also been shown in cinemas with Slovak dubbing. The rights to use such dubbing remain in the hands of Disney, which we have studied in detail in a separate topic. Tips Reader

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According to our reader, Iron Man, for example, is currently available in Slovak dubbing, as the service has also added Slovak subtitles. In addition, the service will also include the Czech language, it is still questionable to what extent. However, the arrival of this great player will be preceded by a strong competitor HBO Max, which will go further and even in Slovakia He will shoot his own Slovak series.

Thanks for the reader’s advice.