November 28, 2021

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Different ways to prepare delicious sour cabbage

Once you can download a good pickle pickle at home, you will not get rid of this addiction.

Cabbage, as well as a side dish for roasting meat, will give it a much better taste. Today we will introduce you to different methods of printing into barrels, but also ingredients that you can add to the finished mixture.

Traditional sauerkraut

Raw materials: Shredded cabbage, a few whole cabbage leaves, salt, bay leaf, black pepper, rasca, bread slice, onion.

When buying cabbage, choose a place that they herald directly for you. This will save you a lot of work and time.

method: Then we salt it at home, add bay leaf, whole spices and onion slices. Mix everything together and leave for at least half an hour.

Place the bread in the bottom of the barrel to support fermentation and cover it with cabbage leaves.

Take a large container to put the first batch of cabbage in. Start by pushing it with your feet to get the juice out of it, so transfer it to the barrel. It’s much easier than pushing straight into it, because if you don’t have enough volume, only one foot will fit your butt and it will be more cumbersome.

Lie down like this until you reach about 10 to 15 cm from the top. Leave this space free for the cabbage to work. Make sure the cabbage is in its own juice so it doesn’t dry out. Someone still covers it with a clean white cloth that they soak in water. Then loading stones and wood are added. Close the barrel and pour the water into the trough. This will leave it at home at room temperature.

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Always add water to the lid to prevent air from getting to the bottom. The cabbage will begin to work and thanks to this you will hear pleasant bubbles all the time.

kisla cabbage

What can you add to a barrel of cabbage?

Every family keeps their favorite sauerkraut recipe. They add their secret raw materials to the base, which will improve it and taste completely different. When squeezing cabbage, you can also add:

– young sour apples, which support the fermentation process and are therefore a great source of vitamins,

– beetroot, which tends to add to the color of delicate cabbage,

– dill, which you can add to a smaller barrel, as the cabbage flavor is especially suitable as a side dish for meat,

– radish, which gives cabbage a spicy, slightly characteristic taste,

– Some families add plums to the little barrel, and then also cook them into Christmas cabbage,

You can also add a few grapes to support fermentation.

Download whole heads of cabbage

If you have large cabbage cabbage at home, make one special garnish. Insert a smaller head between the chopped cabbage. Store it at the bottom of the barrel, where it takes longer to ferment.

Then carefully loosen it so that it does not fall apart. This cabbage is turned into a traditional bath, especially in the east of the country. As a result, ground beef has the best flavour.

How many cabbage is appropriate in a barrel?

The most common question for beginners is how much to buy cabbage in a barrel. It all depends on how well you push it there and how long you let it mix in with the salt.

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Thus, the rule is that you buy exactly the same number of pounds as a barrel.

If you let it stand all night, you’ll push it further into the barrel. At the same time, you risk not being too crunchy.

Squeeze cabbage into cups

You can also prepare homemade sauerkraut without barrels. You will use large three-liter cups for this. Prepare it in a larger bowl, which you can press down on with your feet.

vegetable fermentation

Then slide it into the cups and squeeze it with your hand clenched into a fist. Remember to leave some space toward the throat for the vegetables to work. This will leave it on the kitchen counter until the fermentation process is complete.

Mix white with red

In Slovakia, white cabbage is mostly pressed. But the red tastes just as good, which goes with roast duck, for example. They usually put it in a smaller barrel because we consume less of it.

Or you can try loading into cups that are better stored. However, the combination of white and red cabbage is also interesting. As a result, it will have a more interesting color and a softer taste.

kisla cabbage

You can cook after a month

Cabbage needs at least three weeks to ferment. However, some recommend leaving it for a week longer, as it will be crunchy and suitable for cooking. Then you can move it to a cool cellar, where it will last all winter.

Pickled cabbage substitute

An excellent delicacy of homemade jam cabbage. It is very popular in our area. Every family loves their own recipe for jam. The base consists mostly of cabbage, carrots and other ingredients adapted to each other. Some also add celery to it, while others like a mixture of mushrooms. Try this proven recipe for homemade jam.

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Chopping cabbage for pickling

How do you take care of it all winter?

If you don’t take care of the cabbage during the winter, it may start to rot or dry out. So, even if you put it in the basement, keep checking to see if there is enough water in the lid to prevent air from getting to the bottom.

If you have canvas in the drum, rinse it regularly with clean water when removing the cabbage and put it back in. Load it with weights all the time.

Some people fear that the cabbage will decompose in their barrel, so after four weeks of fermentation, they load it into cups and store it all winter.

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