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Died just before Christmas: The Slovak legend will celebrate 80 years this year

28.12.2021Actors and actresses: Bronislaw Krishan was a member of the acting troupe of the Nova Scina Theater (NS) in Bratislava. He was also known to television viewers, he first appeared in front of the camera in 1964, gradually becoming a very busy actor. He also dubbing. Actor Bronislav Križan will live to be 80 this year on December 3.

Bronislav Križan was born on December 3, 1941 in Bratislava. He studied acting at the Academy of Dramatic Arts (VŠMU) in Bratislava in 1967. As part of his compulsory military service, he was a member of the Bratislava Military Arts Ensemble (later the Army Art Ensemble).

He got his first job in the regional theater in Nitra, where he played two seasons. Since 1972 he has been a member of the poetic troupe of the new stage in Bratislava. In 1976, this troupe was merged into the acting troupe of the New Stage, where Bronislav Križan also went.

The audience could see him on stage until 1998, while for the past two years 1996-1998 he was the artistic director of the theater. He also seriously depicted tragic characters on the stage, for example, the lawyer in Hagnik’s wife (1976), Dr. Lips in Dance over the Plague (1978) or Bielik in Help (1979).

His first movie and the movies he starred in

He made his film debut in a small role in the military thriller Alone Soldier in the Field (1964) directed by Otto Haas. A year later, he was followed by the role of Igor Hamar in the film Saint Elizabeth’s Square. Director Vladimir Bahna transferred the famous novel by Rudolf Gachik into a movie. He also appeared in the TV movie The Living Whip, based on a novel by Milan Urban (directed by Martin Sabak, 1966). He also gained more space in another war movie, The Big Night and the Big Day, shot by Štefan Uher in 1974 based on a design by Alfons Bidna.

Director Ivo Novak awarded him the title role in the movie At the End of the World (1975). He starred in the films Ten Percent of Hope (Der Joseph Zachar, 1976), Seven Short Years of Engineer Hagar (Der Joseph Zachar, 1977). He has also starred in television fiction, such as The Golden Priest (Der. Carol Roth, 1975), Daughter of a Hawk (Der. Josef Balka, 1981), The Three Brides (Der. Oba Vansekova, 1982), The World’s Greatest Ashtray (Dr. Martin Sabak, 1982) or in the illustrated works of Slovak classics such as Kokucin’s prose Dies irae (Marten Sabac, 1984).

Bronislav Križan also starred in the TV series The Eleventh Commandment, Grandfather Lives, History of the Rebellion, Breakthrough Years. He also dubbing and was a teacher at the Bratislava Conservatory. He was the last to finish All People Will Be Brothers in 1996 (directed by Pavol Haspra) based on the popular novel by JM Simmel and the television adaptation of the popular PO saga by Herod and Herodias (directed by Martin Kákoš). In 2010, the Literary Fund awarded him the prize for many years of work in the Slovak theater. Bronislav Križan died in Bratislava on December 20, 2012.

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