November 30, 2021

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Did Stefan Tarkovic help in hitting Malta? SFZ district chief spoke

Today 19:14

The president of the Slovak Football Federation (SFZ) Jan Kovacic once again commented on the question of the coach of the national team. After the World Cup final 2022 on Sunday, which the Slovak players won 6-0 in Malta, he also briefly focused on assessing the failed battles of Qatar.

Jan Kovacic has announced new information that the future of current coach Stefan Tarkovic will be discussed by the West Coast Region Executive Committee at its December 7.

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In the final table of Group H, Slovakia finished third with a difference of points ahead of Slovenia with a final score of 3 wins, 5 draws and 2 losses. For the World Championships in Qatar, respectively. They did not reach the spring barrage on the “Mondial”, it was decided after the qualifying matches in October. The Croatian vice world champion won the promotion from first place, and the Russians advanced into the barracks from second place.

I’ll follow up on what you said after the match, and then we definitely missed the chance. We have a qualification behind us, that qualification was unsuccessful. On December 7, we will assess qualifications in the Executive Committee and deal with the future. The analysis (coach, note) will be presented to the members of the Executive Committee, which will be one of the most important points of the Executive Committee on December 7. We will discuss it there and come to a conclusion.” Kovacic said in a video interview with sfz web.

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noise: “(To the fans, note) I will tell them they have to wait a while. We just finished the playoffs today and it wouldn’t be appropriate or fair to make any decisions now. So far, we haven’t touched on this issue at all. As I said some time ago, the coach will continue Tarkovic, this qualification, he has a contract by the end of the year. We will assess the qualification and deal with the future on December 7. “

Tarkovic himself said after the match that he could imagine the continuation of his position: “This team has character, and I believe it will continue in the set direction. It will be an honor for me if the Executive Committee assigns me to represent in the next session,” Quoted on the SFZ website.

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According to previous statements by the coach of the Slovak Republic, after the summer of the European Nations Cup 2020, in which Slovakia did not qualify for the basic group, it was possible to improve the performance of the match, but the results were missing. “We can agree with what coach Tarkovic said, but we played well in September and October and also in the November match and we didn’t get any result. Since football was played on the basis of results and we didn’t get it, we couldn’t progress.

Of course, I think second place was our strength and we had to finish second. Since this did not happen, I also classified this qualification as unsuccessful. We’ll be looking into the future on December 7th, but we definitely won’t know an exact name yet. “ Kovacic concluded.

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