October 23, 2021

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Diablo II: Resurrection – review – game

Obviously, Blizzard’s best hit is Diablo. The first part showed the path, which then started with taking Al vvojri aknch RPG. The two of them brought a huge sliver of a universe decorated with stinking filth. Okvalitch argues from the third part of the meme, in addition to the fact that the creature will qualitatively move somewhere, because this being is also evolving and wants a new approach. Plus, the original authors of Sri in the darker weren’t keeping a total of Blizzard not as dark, as I’m used to. Anyway, the remake is said to have brought Diablo II resurrection and adopted it well.
Diablo II was released in the year 2000, not only because it has become too old, but also because many games from younger generations have not played it. Most of the memorabilia are those big, no-go back, which hides the real gems game. Diablo II definitely belongs among them and it is imperative that even the unborn man shows the interest of the oremaster. What is less desirable is that this game was not understood by any of them rejected by the arguments of the Supersword. At the same time, at least as I see it, the quality of Diablo II is higher than the trio, which can already separate them, but it is still very popular.

The Remaster is good not only because it has a great hack, slash, and restore its graphics (although initially it was said to be impossible due to data loss), but Diablo II is also blazing on consoles for the first time. Blizzard originally prepared the series for PC only, but this has changed over time, which is why there are compromises in playability, which have been helpful in strengthening the installation on consoles. However, after these experiments, the developers had no problem in converting Diablo II: it was revived for Xboxes, Playstation and Switch. At the same time, fortunately, the game did not hurt and the anus did not succumb to the new platforms. However, in Ana PC you have to play not only with a washbasin, but also with a gamepad, even if it is just a little curious.

Getting to the radius passbook when using the controls is a bit tricky as well as setting the active capabilities, but you can have it ready immediately after the console swipe, so you don’t have to change it often. However, the gameplay of the sgamepad itself is surprisingly comfortable, intuitive movement of the lever, automatic aiming of the target, using the buttons with the default abilities of asmer kra to drink a decoction from the belt.

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Using the standard on your computer, you can customize the control. You can also use add-ons for the buttons on the mouse, for example to assign specific activities or talents. You sacrifice a nice bike and switch skills, which you marked with the keys F1 F8. At the same time, you usually use the mouse button to evoke the main streams while coordinating the movement, by sending the correct progression of spells, traps, screams and the like.

The user interface has not changed much, only the design adapts to modern platforms and high resolution. In the original Diablo II violet a maximum of 800 x 600. The game board starts, if you decide to use it in the game. Then, instead of having two holes on the mouse button, it is shown to work better by the teacher, plus it also changes the correct user interface. When you disconnect the gamepad, the default interface automatically switches to default.

At the bottom left of the screen, Umar Gua is the servant-liquid of life, to the right in blue, which represents mana. The slot Inventr vm is still a very modest space for different prey and a smooth shape, where you can place individual parts of the device. Any clothes, weapons that can be exchanged into two alternatives, rings and amulets. This space is still very graceful, so it often comes back with teleported points and tricks that the gates require into the city to sell the surplus. But it’s a bit like the Horadream cube, which has some way more space than last year, but more importantly, it still reliably converts different things. That is, shooting for bullets, but three smaller colored sleeves, inserted into the selected device, you know, three rings on the amulet and vice versa. It collects subtle things, with a set of five chapters of the course.

So there is no change in your personal inventory, but your chest in camp is now very wide. It has three wide areas, first for the character you play first, but the other three areas are also common to all fighters you have created either in voffline or online mode. You will also have money there, which barbarian, necromancer, magic wands and other things earn, which you will then use at the edges with a chip, amazon and diggers. But also sdruidom avrahyou, the hub of the original character for the expansion, which is automatically included in the Resurrected version of the game. The difference between offline characters is simple. In the first case, you can use them only along the way, and in the second, you will also meet with other games on the Battle.net servers. At the same time, you should always take them into account when creating them, because they can not only be transferred.

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Vonline reime You can create your own game, in which a maximum of 8 participants can be connected at any time, unless you specify otherwise. In addition, you know the maximum difference between the levels of the prism, which gives it a large area for use in the field, which is convenient when using a gamepad. Or you can choose the inch game from vlobby games. I’ve rocked it a few times and it always went by without issues. Except for the unique delays, I didn’t have a problem with Battle.nete, but some games reported some technical bugs. Pearl that there are young girls among the online games. Ranking for the first list is inactive.

About Switch Fun Mity Bag, is a vision of the game. New graphics in the game allow for high definition on wide screens. Thus Anavye brought back the clippings of the scenes, which were simply asn. Many remasters underestimate this video and add to the updated original games, about a dog in the eye, simply because they see the huge difference that has been made. Blizzard did nothing wrong here, but it doesn’t look like a freshly painted wall. But like Starcraft, Monos has kept the original graphics. If you ever play while playing, you can also compare the original sremaster. This format is indicated here by the Eye Legacy announcement to be modified in the game’s overall bohatch settings.

But beware, you have a similar monochrome in the cut scenes, which can be seen in the new version, but also in the classic version. This way, you’ll notice some differences in lighting and exaggeration in some situations, but similar to postv. Video dubbing is just a good bag. Of course, I’ve seen recent techniques and influences with the area, but I’m guessing, but they still didn’t miss any, they showed excerpts from the 2000 scene. So, it’s good that Blizzard can take a look at both the new and the old.

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Walking in familiar spots through a new coat is otherwise just as before, you don’t have to worry about creatives taking it over or underestimating it. The hikers’ path to the cliff is refined, but authentic, as well as the overwhelming surroundings of Lut Gholein, the jungle with noisy dwarves, hells and dreamy barbarian heights. The shapes look beautiful and look cute and detailed when approached. On average, the stick sticks like a clock. It looks appropriate on a 32-inch sQHD screen. The exception to the water screen in the game, where it takes a long time, is loading, for example, when changing locations via the fast port and it usually takes a few seconds. The only music from zorigin is really nice, and the gloomy and frenetic atmosphere is preserved.

I’m one of the wind games that saw the birth of Diablo II, so I’m a very successful gamemaker. It is a coincidence that in addition to the graphics, which are really great and also includes renewed scene sections, support for the gamepad from ammonity, and the game is also on consoles, the developers did not add it to it, but in fact it does. . At least arouse a nostalgic thunder, who wanted to re-experience that feeling over twenty years ago, by just being drawn to the podium. The younger generation of games, bohuia, this myth because of its underestimation, o also shows some community reaction. However, their sanity is often ridiculous, and it can be seen that the youth were excessively spoiled and misunderstood by the thunder of the old wheel. So it is revived mainly for rock fans, who often have scuffs in their face, but still strive for quality. Just freeze that the price of the rebrew is already over and Blizzard won’t be quite willing to destroy it.