January 29, 2022

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Devastated by fart sales, she ended up in the hospital.  Daughter of CZ now presents NFT winds

Devastated by fart sales, she ended up in the hospital. Daughter of CZ now presents NFT winds

Some time ago, we reported on a former reality show star Stephanie Mattwho make money They sell their wind in cups. Within two months, Matto managed to earn 200 thousand dollars in this way. However, she was recently hospitalized with a suspected heart attack due to severe chest pain, The boy writes bible gate.

The profitable business is over

Examinations eventually revealed that the pain that Mattu was experiencing was caused by heavy winds. Due to the increasing demand for her “aromatic” cups, she launched a relatively solid diet – beans, eggs, and banana protein shakes. Selling started in November with One cup costs $1,000 (€884), but he advertises a 50 percent discount during the holidays.

However, to meet the high demand, sometime Up to 50 cups had to be prepared per week. Therefore, in addition to beans and eggs, she had to add protein drinks to give her wind a stronger aroma. However, on the day of her hospitalization, she sensed that something was wrong.

“I felt pressure in my stomach rising. I thought I was having a heart attack, so I asked a friend to take me to the hospital. I didn’t tell the doctors about the gas in the cup, but I told them about my condition. The diet, they explained to me that I don’t have a heart attack or stroke, But I feel pain from flatulence. They advised me to change my diet and start taking medications to reduce flatulence. This, of course, put an end to my work. ” Matto explained in the description of the accident.

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Despite the fact that she had to stop selling Winds, she managed to earn good money. However, she has admitted that people have reacted differently to her work. Although some have praised her for exposing taboos that no one should be ashamed of, Others even sent her death threats and recommendations to end her life.

However, Stephanie Matto, whose mother says her is from Czechoslovakia, already has a new business looming. As she stated on her Instagram, her wind is in cups They will now be sold as digital NFT tokens. That’s right, Stephanie farts are entering the cryptocurrency market. Is there anything else in this world that surprises you?