January 27, 2022

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Desperate situation in Britain: Troops are also assisting in crowded London hospitals

Desperate situation in Britain: Troops are also assisting in crowded London hospitals

On Friday, they began sending troops to hospitals in the British capital, London. They are intended to replace isolated health professionals after contact with people suffering from or suffering from Govt disease. According to the Andhra Pradesh Agency.

London is currently experiencing a rapid increase in the number of new corona virus infections due to the spread of the highly contagious Omigron variant. Thus, local hospitals are struggling not only with the increase in the number of Govt patients but also with the unprecedented shortage of medical staff.

Therefore, the British Ministry of Defense announced that about 40 Army doctors and 160 Army soldiers would be sent to London hospitals. “Men and women in our Armed Forces are returning to support their dedicated colleagues in the National Health Service,” said British Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace.

He recalled that despite being ambulance drivers, members of the British Army assisted paramedics from the beginning of epidemics in administering vaccines or caring for patients in hospitals. The current position of the troops is about London, but there are discussions about their deployment in other parts of the United Kingdom.

Chand Nagpal, a spokesman for the British Medical Association (BMA), told Sky News that the local health service had never struggled with the lack of such staff. Physicians, nurses and nurses are under a heavy burden as they have to seek services from colleagues who do not come to their work. According to Nagpal, the situation is worse across the UK, so hospitals should postpone planned operations. According to him, the effects of this condition are felt by thousands of patients, according to the AP.

British authorities on Thursday registered nearly 180,000 new cases. However, in his own words, Prime Minister Boris Johnson hopes to overcome the tide of Omigron’s spread without imposing further restrictions.

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