January 27, 2022

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Delisting companies from the registry in the top ten

Delisting companies from the registry in the top ten

BRATISLAVA, DECEMBER 9 (TASR) – The current deletion of operating companies from the Trade Register (OR) has made it into the top ten of this year’s competition for bureaucratic bullshit. It hinders entrepreneurs that information about the planned deletion of companies that have not complied with administrative obligations has only been published in the trade journal. Business organization representatives also chose a six-year depreciation period for electric bikes or billing problems for electric vehicle business trips in the last ten. This was reported on Thursday by the Young Entrepreneurs Association of Slovakia, which announced the survey.

Entrepreneurs and the professional audience nominated 56 topics for this year’s Bureaucracy survey. “It turns out that despite the government’s efforts to improve the business environment and many anti-bureaucratic packages, there is still a lack of new incentives.” This was stated by the President of the Association of Young Entrepreneurs of Slovakia Simona Mystikova.

The President of the Association of Entrepreneurs of Slovakia, Jan Solek, divided the anti-price nominations into three areas. “One group is regulations that complicate the lives of innovative companies in areas where innovation has, so to speak, overtaken legislation, the other group is measures related to the COVID-19 pandemic, and a new set of regulations, which are increasingly emerging among and candidates for bureaucratic bullshit are” linking these Unnecessarily their hands are not only the companies doing business in this area, but the hands of the sector as a whole.” advertiser.

This year, for example, the obligation to pay property taxes from companies they can’t use for their business, the employers being unable to work in quarantine or the obligation to update data on changing the permanent residence of state company directors in the commercial registry included bureaucratic nonsense.

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Martin Hochtak, Secretary of the Federation of Republican Employers, noted that this year’s final ten bullshit also underscores the need for systemic changes that will inhibit the growth of the regulatory burden and at the same time create absurdities, as we see in this survey. “It is also important to comprehensively assess the comments in the legislative process and to listen to people through practice, which is not often the case.” Hochtak concludes.