January 21, 2022

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Defender Petr Cherychak contemplated a hat-trick and equaled the record in the Czech extra league

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Peter erešňák had a career struggle over the weekend. An experienced defender led the Kladno disaster. His team won by age 8: 1, when the Slovak national team scored two goals and scored three.

Shut up Yagrovo Kladno with five points

A 27-year-old native of Trenčín rolled on Jaromir Jager Kladno. In it, erešňák looked like the dreaded Pilsen canon of Milan Goulash’s bygone years. “I wouldn’t rate him that way after one match. It was a strange duel that got into, and it fell on me. What action I was involved in ended with a goal,” The Pilsen defense chief told us.

He admitted that he was also thinking of the Prime Minister’s trilogy. “The boys repeated to me on the swing, so I’m not afraid to give a third to contribute more to the cash register. But I certainly didn’t follow through with it.” I smile.

The duel was so amazing for Serycek that he equaled the record in the Czech extra league. Only four quarterbacks have shown a five-point game in history since 1993. Adam Polaček scored five assists for Sparta Prague, poor Marek Troninski scored one goal and four assists for Mlada Boleslav and was the only one besides the defender to score two goals and Libor Proczaska three goals for Tenick. “It was the best match of my career solo. I have to admit that.” Your Slovak continued.

The defender transferred the offensive form of the national team. With five assists in three matches, he was the most productive player for the Slovak national team in Olympic qualifying. Prior to yesterday’s round, he had 12 points in 11 Czech League overtime matches. “The start of the league did not go well for us as a team or personally, I gradually improved and found the shape as well. Maybe it will last as long as possible.” Cherry said.

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At the age of 28, he was not only the captain of Pilsen, but also the national team. So, the question is whether he still wants to move abroad. He has been in the Czech Overtime League since 2014, in the past he was recruited by the New York Rangers, but he did not participate in the NHL. However, the KHL could at least hear a similar performance at the start of the season.

“I still want to move, I have the last year of my contract in Pilsen. We will see what happens in the future.” said Cherycek, who could work his way out of the Czech League overtime to the Beijing Olympics. He played very well in Pyongyang, but never faced any competition from NHL players. “Everyone would like to play in the best tournament against world stars. It will be difficult to fight your way there,” He finished the back of Pilsen.