January 21, 2022

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Do Death Stranding mieri množstvo noviniek

Death Stranding: Director’s Cut Introduced New Content

Death Stranding: Director’s Cut introduced a number of new items and missions, but also a jetpack. The extended trailer, which was revealed during the opening Night Live as part of the Gamescom 2021 event, showed off a number of new features. New things in the game include planes for your jetpack, which allow you to “sail”, or a “cargo” catapult to help you transport cargo to distant areas.

There will be a new Buddy Bot as well, which will help you pick up more cargo. Sam will land on it and drop you and your goods while you can pay attention to the country and enjoy the ride. In addition, a new field of weapons training will be added. This will also include virtual combat encounters. You will be able to play boss battles again. Leaderboards and comparisons with other players will also be normal.

New customization options will be added to Your Apartment. New songs will be added as well. Another of the most interesting innovations is the slopes around the world. In addition to overcoming valleys and other obstacles, they will offer to perform tricks on a motorcycle in the air over time. However, to be completed, he will also participate in races on racetracks, where there will also be a lack of rating.

New delivery missions have been added as well, including a secret device very similar to the Metal Gear level (with proper music). We also got a short teaser that drew us into an underwater area with a potentially dangerous whale. Death Stranding: The director’s directing will arrive in September. Performance improvements are a matter of course. Kojima Productions also promises to expand the social sourcing system.

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