January 28, 2022

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Dead Space remake still looks famous

The first stream revealed a lot.

Yesterday we saw a funky influx of EA Motive Studio. AAA rarely gives us a glimpse into the evolution of their game so soon, and it was an even more fascinating insight. If you have time, we definitely recommend watching the entire broadcast, but if you don’t, our summary below will probably suffice for you.

  • The studio has confirmed that dubbing actor Gunner Wright will return as Isaac Clark. They also confirmed that Isaac would be more talkative in the remake than in The Unit.
  • The basic story of the game has remained the same, but the world in which the game takes place will be more widespread, To learn more about the characters and the world.
  • The entire Ishimura ship will be available without a single registration screen. Perhaps that’s why the game targets Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5 and PC only.
  • The developers have completely overhauled the limbo separation system. After the new operation, we will be able not only to separate the limbs but also to cut the tissue, which looks impressive and at the same time disgusting.

  • The new version will contain an advanced Zero-G engine. Practically speaking, the developers have taken the 360-degree motion in the weightless space of Dead Space 2 and added it to Dead Space 1.
  • Dead Space will also get new environments and new tracks in existing environments.
  • And finally a visual comparison. In this case, a single image will say more than a thousand words. However, the new version comes from a pre-production build, so improvements need to be made.
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There is no new release date for Dead Space yet, but we should see the game by the end of next year.

Source: EAMotive

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