January 29, 2022

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David Frost, London's chief negotiator for Brexit, concludes

David Frost, London’s chief negotiator for Brexit, concludes

The resignation of David Frost is another blow to the Prime Minister.

London. British Minister David Frost leads the Brexit talks for the Prime Minister’s Government Boris Johnson, Resigned his post. He cited the disappointment of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government, citing tax increases, new anti – epidemic measures and the cost of environmental policy. The Sunday Mail reported.

The AFP added that the British Prime Minister’s Office had not yet commented on Frost’s resignation.

The newspaper noted on its Twitter account, “Lord Frost resigned a week ago, but they forced him to stay until January.”

Sky News’ Sam Coates announces Frost’s resignation on Twitter.

He talks to the opposition about total chaos

Frost has been talking about what is called the Northern Protocol for several weeks IrelandManages trade between England, Scotland and Wales and Northern Ireland and the European Union. London wants to cancel the contract it signed last year and says it is not working. Brussels, however, is against it, the AFP recalled.

The rats run away from Boris Johnson’s sinking ship as he stumbles from crisis to crisis.

Liberal Democrat spokeswoman Laila Moran

In response to Frost’s decision, Angela Rainer, deputy leader of the main opposition Labor Party, said her resignation was proof that “the government is in complete turmoil, as the country has faced weeks of uncertainty.”

He declared that Boris Johnson was not suitable for the post of Prime Minister. “We deserve better than this clown,” he wrote on Twitter.

Laila Moran, a spokeswoman for the Liberal Democrats, said Frost’s “shocking resignation was a sign of confusion and confusion in the heart of this conservative government.”

“The rats are fleeing from Boris Johnson’s sinking ship when he stumbles from crisis to crisis. Even supporters loyal to the former prime minister are now leaving him,” he added.

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Another blow to Boris Johnson

The AFP reports that David Frost’s resignation is another blow to Boris Johnson, which has been weakened by criticism and recent scandals surrounding MPs and campaigners and the management of the health crisis.

Johnson took personal responsibility for the electoral defeat of the Conservative Party in one of its strongholds on Friday, November 17th.

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