November 30, 2021

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David Dobrik is finally back in America after green card problems in Slovakia

David Dobrik is finally back in America after green card problems in Slovakia

YouTube star David Dobrik is finally back in the US after getting stuck in Slovakia during his first trip abroad from immigrating to America at the age of six.

David Dobrik is one of the most popular YouTube content creators. On September 7, the influencer stated in his voice that he had finally obtained a green card in the United States, which would allow him to leave the country and return to his native Slovakia.

Dobrik originally immigrated from Slovakia to America at the age of six. Protected by DACA – the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals – Dobrik was allowed to live in the US…but if he left, he wouldn’t be able to return for ten years.

Finally, he was in possession of the documents needed to obtain his citizenship and took his friends to Slovakia. However, when it was time to leave the country, he found that he could not follow his friends to Los Angeles.

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David Dobrik shared his trip to Slovakia with his friends – but when it was time to leave, he couldn’t get back to Los Angeles with his friends.

David Dobrik explains why he got stuck in Slovakia

“I’m still in Slovakia, except now just me and Taylor,” Dobrik told fans in an Instagram story on September 21. “Everyone has gone home because it takes longer to get a visa and a green card and it’s much more difficult than I thought.”

(Readers can view Dobrikov’s Instagram story by clicking on the right arrow in the post below.)

David Dobrik has finally returned to the United States during his trip to Slovakia

This caused concern Dobrika fans, who are waiting for more information from the leader of the Vlog team. Fortunately, on September 23, YouTube confirmed that he could go home because on vacation he posted on Instagram photos of himself standing in front of a monument in Washington.

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“They let me go back to America!!” Dobrik said of the situation. “All I had to do was exchange 12 Tesla and Maiden Jason for my green card!!”

Certainly, reactions to Dobrik’s international fight have been mixed, but it seems fans and friends of the influencer are excited about his return to the US after visiting Slovakia – although it appears that “older” Jason might be a little surprised” by his son exchange. ” Little.