January 28, 2022

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Danish holding company AP Moller joins Unilabs

Danish holding company AP Moller joins Unilabs

GENEVA, Dec 6 (OTS) – Unilabs, Europe’s leading provider of diagnostic services, has acquired AP Moller Holding, which was founded and operated by the Maersk family. Apax Partners, the current majority owner of Unilabs, has agreed to sign the sale, and the deal is expected to close in the coming months.

“In recent years, at Unilabs we have built a strong great care culture, where individuals and our staff feel proud and happy to be able to participate in the big things. They are an integral part of a leading company in modern laboratory diagnosis, pathology and radiological diagnostic services. This culture (Care) Big) is also strongly present behind our financial performance, which has brought us to the top of the medical diagnostics market. We are pleased to be part of AP Moller, which has a reputable global reputation, great corporate culture and long-term vision which are natural attributes of a family business – we have found the perfect partner for our company.” said Michael Boehmer, CEO of Unilabs. “I would like to thank Apax, who has been a part of our journey since 2007 – Apax has supported our strategy, helped us develop into the international diagnostic champion we are today, and completely prepared us for the next chapter.”

“Unilabs offers good compliance with our group goals and an understanding of how to operate local operations that require a high degree of automation and logistics in different geographies.” said Robert M. Ugla, CEO of AP Moller Holding. “We are Unilabs’ experts in in vitro diagnostics, pathology and radiology. We see an opportunity to expand the company’s activities into new markets and provide critical and immediate solutions to countries with limited access to critical healthcare solutions, such as teleradiology services.”

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“We firmly believe Unilabs provides an important solution to community healthcare challenges that go beyond today’s pandemic.” Jan T. said Nielsen, CIO, AP Moller Holding. “Professional expertise, suite of service and process excellence are critical success factors for you to become a trusted partner for healthcare providers. AP Moller Holding will continue to invest in these key capabilities and capabilities while accelerating the expansion of Unilabs digital platform and geographic footprint.”

“It’s been fantastic working with Michelle Boehmer, Jose Lamers and the entire Unilabs team over the past few years,” said Stephen Dyson, partner at Apax. “The company has gone through a major transformation that includes accelerating organic growth, expansion into new markets through strategic acquisitions and a pioneering position in digitizing healthcare to become the leading provider of diagnostic services in Europe.”

“We are proud to have helped Unilabs build and expand the business, and we would like to thank Michelle, Joss and the team and wish them every success in this exciting new chapter with their new partner.” Arthur Brothage povedal, partner against Apaxe.

The transaction is expected to close within the next few months, subject to normal closing terms and regulatory approvals.
Unilabs has been the majority shareholder of Unilabs Slovakia since 2017.

Hey Unilabs
Unilabs is one of the largest European diagnostic companies with significant activities in the Middle East and Latin America. It is the only pan-European diagnostic group providing digital laboratory, pathology and imaging services to patients and healthcare providers. As a leading digital company covering the entire diagnostic spectrum, more than 12,000 Unilabs employees save and improve their lives every day.
Unilabs is fully committed to fighting Covid-19 – investing significant resources in technology, equipment and people to deliver rapid and reliable Covid-19 tests in more than 15 countries. Since the start of the pandemic, Unilabs has performed nearly 20 million tests on Covid.

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About AP Moller Holding
AP Moller Holding is the parent company of the AP Moller Group. The purpose of AP Moller Holding is to develop “nyttig virksomhed”, i.e. invest and build businesses that have a positive impact on society. For more information, visit www.apmoller.com.