January 21, 2022

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Dance entertainment - Rimava.sk - news

Dance entertainment – Rimava.sk – news

We invite all seniors who love to enjoy or remember the good old days of the dancers on Thursday 21 October at 4:00 pm. The House of Culture for Dance Entertainment. Performers: MSZ Bona fide, SZ Dúha, Country band Bluetrend, Elektrum and Dance Orchestra of Rimavská Sobota. free entry. Nice atmosphere, meeting friends, small snacks are waiting for you. This event is part of the Sobotský Seniorfest project, which we are implementing with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic.

At the beginning of the entertaining dance, Elektorum guitar ensemble will welcome us with its relaxing slow music and soft soothing melodies. In the following blocks, the singing will alternate with the dance music of our groups, which operate under the roof of the House of Culture. She will perform the Jubilee Choir. MSZ Bona fide, which celebrated its fiftieth anniversary in August, and SZ Dúha, which operates a leisure club for seniors, celebrated its twentieth at the beginning of October.

The country bluetrade ensemble and the dance orchestra of the city of Rimavska Sobota (TORS), which covers the municipal cultural center, will play for us. Bluetrend has been active in the music scene since 1985 and currently has 4 permanent members. Popular entertainment from Czechoslovakia, such as the famous work of Michel Tueni, will be in their performance.

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The Rimavska Sobota Dance Orchestra was formed in 2016 by a shift from Sobotanka’s former wind music. It consists of 15 permanent musicians, high quality musicians and 1 singer who meet regularly every Monday at the House of Culture. In their performances, popular songs of pop, jazz and swing appear. They know TORS in the whole region, as well as in the Banská Bystrica region. With their performance and preparation, this band aspires to perform at swing festivals – high quality jazz of the future.