January 28, 2022

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Czech MPs vote: Has Peter Viala won their trust?

Czech MPs vote: Has Peter Viala won their trust?

The House of Representatives of the Czech Parliament expressed, on Thursday evening, its confidence in the government of Prime Minister Peter Viala, after a debate that lasted more than 22 hours.

This result was generally expected, with the five parties in the new coalition enjoying a comfortable majority in the House of Representatives. Purple Cabinet supported all 106 coalition deputies present in the voteThe Novinky.cz server reported that 87 were opposed by the opposition parties ANO and SPD.

With their speeches, MEPs YES and SPD extended the debate before the vote until Thursday evening. She’s been taking breaks since Wednesday morning. On Thursday morning, SPD Chairman Tomio Okamura Fiala called for the removal of the head of the Stan Alliance movement, Wit Austria, from the position of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior. Presumably, the reason is the alleged obscure funding of the STAN movement. However, he rejects all speculation about the donors and does not want to return the money.

“We want a country that does not live on debt,” Prime Minister Philae said on Wednesday morning. However, he also presented other ambitions to the government, such as expansion in the construction of new housing. He added that his government also wants to address energy self-sufficiency in the country. “We see the future in a combination of nuclear energy and renewables,” he said.

Czech President Milos Zeman appointed Peter Viala’s government on December 17. The government had to request the confidence of the House of Representatives within 30 days.

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