November 30, 2021

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Czech League Fortuna – Tomasz Sipka spared Sparta Prague and Lukasz Stetina

Today 11:05

Ex-Sparta Prague captain Tomasz Sipka has joined his former club, especially his defensive team, as heard by Slovakian tracker Lukas Utetina, who was described by the controversial former footballer as ‘no way’.

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The match caused a sensation in the fifteenth round of the Czech League Fortuna Slovak And therefore Sparto Prague. Although the favorite card of the meeting was the guests, the host team, who played well, finally paid attention to the unexpected result, as Slovácko beat the “Reds” by a large margin of 4: 0.

As expected, the Spartans faced a huge wave of criticism immediately after the match, whether from regular fans, football experts or former players of the Prague club. Among them, it has become the most controversial recently Tomasz SebkaWho commented on the Sparta match in Slovácko by posting it on the social network Instagram.

As a former tracker of the most famous Czech club, he was most disturbed by the performance of the Sparta defense and was also heard by a member of the wider staff of the Slovak national team. Lukáš Štetina. He entered the Sparta team after a long time, when he replaced the injured Ondig Zelstka and stood in the second match alongside Philip Banak.

At first, have fun Victories over Teplice (4:2) And in the second came the aforementioned defeat of Slovácko (4: 0). “I trusted Szczecin even more and wanted him to deal with it, unfortunately he did not give it and not only. I could be there at my age and not be worse, ” Tomasz Sebka, 47, traditionally wrote without a handkerchief.

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Lukáš Štetina (AC Sparta Prague) in a duel with Milan Petržel (Slovácko)


“I do not understand coach (Pavel) Frba, whom I respect otherwise, why the tracker (Martin) Vitek does not build and why, on the contrary, he builds, for example, (Andreas) Wendheim – why not. R Young (Adam) plays Right-back Gabriel? Then 4:0?” asks disappointedly the former Czech national team member and points out to coach Frp that a “slap” from Slovácko will force him to act.

That’s instead of ‘he couldn’,’ as Vindheim, Szczecin, (Michel) The bag .. begins to give opportunities to promising young people – Gabriel, Vitek, (Adam) Karabic… It couldn’t be worse and at least they knock. This is my opinion. You may like it or not, but as a Spartan I have the right to judge. And as someone who wants to train once, gives his best and leads the team, I will do it,” Tomasz Sebka added.

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