January 21, 2022

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Croatian police solve the mystery of a woman with no memory on the rock

The woman who was rescued from a Croatian island does not remember how she got there, where she came from or who she is, she is identified as a former Slovak designer who lived in the United States and made jewelry for celebrities, including Diana Ross.

Croatian police on Wednesday identified the woman as 57-year-old Daniel O’Dana Adamkova, saying her identity was established after friends and acquaintances from Croatia and Slovakia identified her from a photo published on Monday.

The The news server mentioned that 24Sata Adamec’s identity confirmation also came from the USA, where she lived sporadically until 2015 and allegedly sold jewelry to stars including Brigitte Bardot and Barbra Streisand. Her work has also appeared on the series Friends.

It was discovered on September 12th on the island of Krk, sitting on a jagged rock near the sea in a remote part of the island. Police said she spoke “fluent English” but did not have an ID or phone.

On Wednesday, officials described her condition as stable and said she had responded to treatment at a hospital in the Croatian city of Rijeka. They said social services would take over once he was out of hospital care.

Well-known USA, Nina Smidt, He told the Daily Beast Adamcová worked briefly at a company she ran in 2015 after being hired by a nonprofit organization that helped homeless people find work.

A few years ago, a magazine was published in her Slovak home country Trenčín, which she allegedly left in 1984 to study design in the USA, Post her profile He described her as a successful jewelry designer who sold the pieces to several stars.

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Adamkova told the magazine that she studied fashion design in Santa Monica, and then entered the world of entertainment through a successful film producer, with whom she began dating and later married.

The couple reportedly separated in 2000 and Adamkova returned to Slovakia, where she remained until 2008. It is not clear when she returned to the United States, but from 2015 to 2018 she was in Ireland and worked in homeless shelters before returning. to Trenchen.

Adamkov is also met by a Slovak friend who lives in Zagreb from a police photo, while two Czech tourists remember meeting her on the Croatian Dalmatian coast. Remember, she was from Slovakia and was on vacation alone.

Adamková fisherman was seen on a cliff, jagged on his neck. The fisherman feared that his boat would fall off the ground if he tried to save it himself, he alerted the police, who sent a rescue team in two 4×4 vehicles. In order to reach him, they had to leave cars and drive for more than 3 kilometers.

Police described her as dehydrated and disoriented and said she had spent more than one night in a remote area visited by bears and wild boars. She was so weak that she could not drink water without help and her face was injured.