April 17, 2021

Covit-19 UK variant: How scientists discovered the new strain – World News

British epidemiologists have discovered a new mutation in the corona virus, which has been linked to an increase in cases in the south-east of the UK despite restrictions on its spread to other parts of the country.

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Public health officials who were looking for the cause of the uprising initially thought that superspeeder events or careless behavior such as illegal house parties ignoring community distance rules, according to Wall Street, cases were rising rapidly in the area. Magazine.

On December 8, a team of scientists from the Covid-19 Genomics UK Consortium (COG-UK) collected, monitored, researched and discovered a new variant with 23 mutations, the center of which exploded in late September in a patient’s test from Kent, which isolated the world from the UK. The WSJ said a similar variation was found in a sample tested in London a day later. These new mutations have been found to increase the virus’ ability to communicate.

While researchers say the virus has mutated several times since its spread in 2019, the WSJ variant has caused particular global concern because a large number of mutations have affected the code of the amino acid responsible for the formation of the virus.

The new variant will help the virus to infect people more efficiently because two mutations affect the spike protein of the virus, which makes it easier for it to stick to the human cell wall and enter the body.

This mutation has caused global concern at a time when vaccines are being prepared for emergency use in many parts of the world, and scientists say the nature and number of mutations are unprecedented.

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In recent weeks British authorities have been secretly searching for patient zero. They were through the contacts of two individuals who were initially identified as carrying the variance, both of whom were not ill, including others who had previously suffered. The hypothesis is that around the patient’s zero, the variant must be born from its weakened immune system. The WSJ says a compromised and defective immune system is often the best place for viruses to develop with more mutations because they can survive longer in that environment.

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Sharon Peacock, a microbiologist who leads the genetics team at the University of Cambridge, was quoted by the WSJ as saying: “We do not know if this has arisen in a patient in the UK or if it was introduced, we cannot say definitively at this time.”

Concerns about the newly discovered virus were made public on December 14 when Health Secretary Matt Hancock informed lawmakers that the new variant was responsible for 1,000 cases in London and the southeastern UK. Hancock said, “Early variation suggests that this variant is growing faster than existing varieties,” Reuters reported.