March 7, 2021

COVID News Live – Latest UK Updates: COVID Violation May Benefit Vaccine, SAGE Warns | UK News

The minister warns that ‘it is more dangerous to advance than us’ in lifting the lock

Northern Ireland Secretary Brandon Lewis “dIt is dangerous to advance beyond ourselves in lifting the lock.

He told Sky News that a “unique effort” was being put into the NHS and Armed Forces vaccination roll, with about 4.2m of people now receiving the first dose.

Ministers and officials warn that trusting Jab will “come to our rescue” even sooner. Getting vaccinated does not mean your life will return to normal – once you stumble, you still need to follow the restrictions, they warn.

Mr Lewis agrees and says the locking and COVID rules “are in effect for a reason”. “We still have a long way to go,” he says.

He warns that new variations are emerging in the UK and other countries, citing “how quickly things can change” and “progressing far beyond us is dangerous”.

This vaccine is just as unique as the roll, he says, letting us know where we will be in four weeks time, let alone six to eight weeks aside.

“We can see the end in sight,” he says, but “we have to be careful not to run too fast”.

He added: “We have not yet come up with this virus. We need to catch our nerve, follow the guidelines and keep everyone around us safe.”

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