April 17, 2021

COVID Live News – Latest UK Updates: 50% more COVID inpatients than first wave peak – and rises ‘very fast’ | UK News

COVID deaths are steadily rising, but not skyrocketing

Ed Conway, economics and data editor

The latest COVID-19 data is out, and the headline number of deaths again is depressing – more than a thousand the next day.

It is worth again to be a little cautious about it, as it contains a backlink of data from the deaths that occurred in the previous few weeks.

Deaths are steadily rising, but the basic picture is that they have not reached the sky.

This is not good news, but it’s a little more dangerous than focusing on one of those everyday figures.

Case numbers have provided some great news today that adjusting to the “bank holiday effect” will slow down case growth.

However, it will take some time to figure out whether this is a real plateau or a swim before further development.

The real concern, however, is that recent reports of hospital admissions are sharp.

My favorite is about getting hospital beds.

According to the latest NHS UK data released today (as you can see in the table below), the number of hospital beds not available in public and acute wards has dropped to the lowest level since the wave began in early January.

There are 6,500 beds across the UK.

The number of COVID patients is more than a quarter of those in hospital beds; This time last month it was one in seven.

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