October 23, 2021

Beyond Going Long

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COVID dictatorship is replacing democracy. who is in Charge? – Politics magazine

It’s outrageous about what’s going on here. They are tearing up our fragile democracy under our hands!

MUDr interview. Soňa Peková, Ph.D. CNN – “He’s Gone Too Far”

You must watch this video.

Thanks to Pep for the interesting TIP and for recommending the book at Amazon.

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Daily Politica was created as a project of a group of independent journalists and businessmen in order to fill a gap in the media market and present news in the form as received. In practice, this means that the received message is not commented on (unless it is a comment), but is transmitted as it was received. We leave it to the reader to form his own opinion. We do not censor or censor reports, nor do we limit discussion. In this, we are the only ones in the European media market, a statement that we can prove reliably. We believe that freedom of expression is absolute and not relative, as stipulated in the criminal law of almost all European countries, including Slovakia. If a person guarantees freedom of expression, but restricts it by writing down expressions of intolerance, or attacks on another race, religion, or ethnic group – this in effect negates the declared freedom of expression. Who defines what is intolerance and what is attack on another ethnic group? Again, just someone who is specific and does it according to their interests.

We make room for everyone, every political party – and readers have certainly noted that we make no difference to this. Someone might get angry because we make room for someone to criticize their positions, but on the other hand, we also make room for one’s reaction or contribution. So far we have not rejected anyone.

We know that our diaries are not for everyone. We are also based on this assumption. Not everyone wants to organize their thoughts and messages themselves. There are people who need kinship and a sense of belonging. However, the politics diaries are a disappointment for these people. It provides space for everyone and is a selection of information from around the world and a forum for readers’ expression.

If it seems to someone that the information we publish is unnecessarily false, misleading, and scandalous – out of reality, we have one answer: it can happen. As elsewhere, we have different sources of information and external collaborators and it can go wrong. On the other hand, we publish information that NOBODY does not publish because it is afraid or trying to hide it.

Readers are surely aware of the existence of WIKILEAKS. It is a summary of seemingly amazing facts, and many people have never seen this information. They may or may not trust them, however, this information is there and it is very likely that it is correct.

The truth tends to hurt the most. This is a fact we took into account when creating our memoirs, but in this we have decided not to compromise and promote independent information and freedom of expression.

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