December 9, 2021

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Coronavirus: In the Czech Republic, respirators will be mandatory at work, tests will be shorter

Health Minister Adam Wojciech is also suggesting that schoolchildren over the age of 12 also wear a headscarf during classes.

The obligation to wear respirators at work will be implemented in the Czech Republic from Monday, October 25. In restaurants, staff will be required to check customers’ covidpas or vaccination certificates from November. The government of outgoing Prime Minister Andrei Babis, in an extraordinary meeting held on Wednesday, decided.

As I write for, Health Minister Adam Wojciech also suggests that school children over the age of 12 also wear a headscarf during classes. Until now, they only had to spread them out of the classroom. However, this should only apply in the areas hardest hit by the coronavirus.

From December 1, the state must stop paying for preventive tests. CT24 adds that the exception will be people under the age of 18 and also those who cannot be vaccinated for health reasons. Children under 12 years old will not need any confirmation. So far, this has affected children under the age of six.

At the same time, the validity of the tests should be shortened – antigen tests will be valid for 24 hours, and PCR tests for 72 hours.

Quarantine conditions should be eased after contact with the infected person. It will be possible to end it with a negative test after a week.

The Czech government has taken an unusual turn after it recorded a significant increase in the number of infected people in recent days. There were 3,246 more on Tuesday, double the number a week ago.

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