January 28, 2022

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Coronavirus: France tightens restrictions on unvaccinated people: teachers go on strike

Coronavirus: France tightens restrictions on unvaccinated people: teachers go on strike

Senators agreed that unmanned people should be prevented from entering restaurants and cultural facilities, as well as travel longer distances by train or plane. So far, only a negative test for coronavirus has been sufficient for these purposes. The tightening of measures aims to help the country fight the fifth wave of the Corona virus, which has led to a sharp increase in the number of infected people in recent weeks.

The new restrictions will apply to unvaccinated people as long as there are more than 10,000 patients with COVID-19 in French hospitals. There are currently about 24,000 of them. However, the senators refused to accept tougher penalties for not complying with the restrictions and to make it easier for restaurants to verify the identity of customers. According to the senators, such inspections can only be carried out by the police, and there will be many exceptions to the measures taken. For example, in exceptional cases, unvaccinated people will only be able to travel longer distances with a negative test. The obligation to present a certificate of vaccination will be valid only from the age of 18 years. People who have bypassed the coronavirus will also be able to access public and corporate events.

In France, the highly contagious omicron is already the dominant variant of the new coronavirus. Authorities reported nearly 362,000 new cases on Wednesday, according to the Department of Political Affairs.

French teachers call for strike over messy anti-virus policy

French teachers announced a strike on Thursday to protest the chaotic strategy to fight the pandemic in schools. It is estimated that up to three-quarters of teachers will participate in the strike, which could paralyze the activities of about half of the schools, AFP reported. Teachers decided not to start work after the government changed existing anti-citizen rules in schools three times a week. They demand a coherent approach and better protection for pupils and teachers from the spread of disease.

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Source: TASR / Henrich Mišovič

According to the largest teachers union Snuipp-FSU, the strike is a manifestation of the growing desperation of the school staff, where teaching is now almost impossible. Unionists also criticize the fact that they often only discover the rules through the media. The strike comes at the start of the campaign ahead of the April presidential elections in France, which register opponents of incumbent President Emmanuel Macron.

The French government presents as a success the fact that, despite the pandemic, it has been able to ensure that schools work, but dissatisfied teachers do not view it favorably. “Schools are no longer open, they are day care centers,” According to the Snuipp-FSU unions, a total of 11 unions were due to take part in the strike on Thursday, so it could be the largest protest of its kind in a few decades, AFP writes. The unpopular Minister of Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, has called on teachers to abandon their intention. “No viral hits,” announced.