January 27, 2022

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Coronavirus: First case of an omicron variant confirmed in the Czech Republic

In the other passengers, the injury was not confirmed by the new variant.

Updated at 12:47 PM

In the Czech Republic, they confirmed the first case of a new type of omicron. After the meeting of the Central Crisis Staff, the current Minister of the Interior, Jan Hamashek, announced this on Monday.

“Liberec Hospital confirmed that the woman – who had returned from Africa – had an omicron variant. Hygienists told us they had contacted everyone who was with her abroad.”

According to the news portal iDNES.cz, the infection of other passengers has not been confirmed by the new variant. “The four tests were negative,” Zbenik Bublik, a spokesman for the Prague hygiene station, confirmed.

The infected woman is currently in isolation. The same applies from Saturday to all citizens who come to the Czech Republic from South African countries.

Vaccine: Do not panic

“We just learned about it at the time. The sequence will be uploaded to the databases. The National Reference Laboratory helped us with that and at the same time we evaluated it with experts from the Academy of Sciences.” ČT24 Head of the Department of Genetics and Molecular Diagnostics at the Liberec Iva Dolinová Hospital.

According to her, the hospital does not analyze any other samples with suspected omicron variants.

Libor Grubhofer, a vaccine specialist, commented on the existence of a vegetation in the Czech Republic, which is cause for some concerns, but not panic. According to him, it is necessary to prevent the spread of the oomicron, but there is a relatively high probability that it will eventually prevail.

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