January 29, 2022

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Coronavirus experts have revealed predictions for the future: This will follow when the worst prevails

Coronavirus experts have revealed predictions for the future: This will follow when the worst prevails

A vaccine is currently the only way to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Omicron is highly contagious, but not as deadly as previous mutations. “The new option is a warning about what may follow if we don’t take it seriously.” Dr. said. Albert Ko, MD, an infectious disease specialist, Yale School of Public Health. “Coronavirus will be with us forever. We will never be able to remove it completely, so we must arrange ourselves accordingly.” added.

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The World Health Organization will one day declare its official victory over the epidemic. However, it will depend on how each country manages to reduce the number of infected people. The end of the pandemic will not mean that there will be no more positive cases of COVID-19 in the world. Some parts of the world will continue to fight the coronavirus, especially in developing countries where there are not enough vaccines and there is a lack of quality health care. On the other hand, other countries will become more resilient over time due to vaccination.

achieve an endemic state

This was determined by Stephen Kesler of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health “It will be an effort to achieve what is called an endemic period, i.e. an acceptable and stable state.” It is basically the occurrence of the disease in a particular area where it persists in the population. The infection becomes endemic if every infected individual transmits it to another person, that is, if the reproductive number (R) = 1. During an epidemic, when the disease is spreading, the R is greater than 1. “Crisis caused by omicron variable offers, We’re not there yet, but I think one day we’ll be able to get to a state where the coronavirus is as endemic as the flu.” Doddell Kessler.

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The number of people infected and deaths due to COVID-19 is, to some extent, a social rather than a scientific issue. “We are not going into a crisis in 2019. We need to get people to think about the potential risks.” Amesh Adalja of the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security said. Anthony Fauci, the leading American expert on infectious diseases, plans to control the virus in a way that does not disrupt society or the economy. The country is already sending signals that it is heading toward what will become the “new normal.” The White House claims that there are enough tools (new vaccines and treatments) to administer Omicron.

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India is a typical example of how to achieve a stable level in the fight against the Corona virus. Until recently, the number of new cases was about 10,000 per day. However, Omikron aggravated the situation, so the government decided to launch a campaign for another round of vaccination of the population from January. “Endemic diseases such as measles or influenza regularly cause outbreaks. The coronavirus will be the same after the Omicron is over.” T Jacob John, former head of the department of virology at the South Indian Christian Medical College thinks.

The immune system is improving

Many experts agree that the future will look like this: After a pandemic, the virus will cause a typical cold or a more serious illness. All this will depend on the vaccination, the current state of health, and the overcoming of previous infections of the person. There will be more mutations, but our immune system will continue to improve and over time will learn what the disease is. Immunologist Ali Al Yabidi of Washington University in Saint Petersburg Lewis sees hope in the body’s amazing ability to remember viruses and bacteria it has been exposed to in the past, and thus choose the appropriate form of defense. “Regardless of the other option, there will be a reduction in acute coronavirus cycles, hospitalizations and deaths, as the immunity of the world’s population has improved thanks to overshoot and vaccination,” She added.

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