October 22, 2021

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Coronavirus: Even for cross-border purchases, electronic border registration is mandatory

The same is obliged to do by those who went to a neighboring country only for an hour’s shopping.

Everyone who returns from abroad, even if only shopping in the border town, is required to register before crossing the Slovak border. This also applies to those who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 and who are applying for an exemption. The fulfillment of this obligation is verified directly at the border by the police. This was reported to TASR by Zuzana Eliášová, a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Health (MZ) SR.

Eliášová stated that “regardless of which country you come to Slovakia from and whether you apply for an exception, you are obligated to register on the website korona.gov.sk via the eHranica form”. This obligation also applies to the pollinator.

The same is obliged to do by those who went to a neighboring country only for an hour’s shopping.

“Attention, the new traffic light for travel will not come into effect until July 9, it is responding to the spread of the delta type of novel coronavirus and making changes to travel,” Ilyasova said. The countries from which you arrive on the territory of the Slovak Republic will not be divided into degrees of risk.

The difference will be whether or not the next person has been vaccinated. Vaccines don’t have to go through quarantine.

Other people will have to undergo quarantine and a PCR test on the fifth day at the earliest. “The mandatory registration via the eHranica form currently applies to everyone,” Ilyasova emphasized.

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Police also enforce extensive border controls. Failure to comply with the obligations set forth in the decree is considered a public health misdemeanour, for which the relevant regional public health authority may impose a fine of up to 1659 euros. In group proceedings, the police may impose a fine of up to 1,000 euros on the offender.