November 30, 2021

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Coronavirus: Czech government takes current measures against spread of Covid, says epidemiologist

According to epidemiologist Roman Primula, the current measures against the spread of the virus were taken by the Czech government too late.

Primula said on Czech television program Vaclav Moravec’s Questions on Sunday that the state often takes the necessary steps only after that, but that it should be based on predictions. According to him, monitoring hospital occupancy is critical.

Prymula will consider local measures if the number of seriously ill people approaches two thousand. According to him, vaccination is extremely important. Other guests of the program agreed.

Politicians, for logical reasons, oppose the measures and implement them until the last minute. Therefore, the frequency of the problem is repeated; We are already in a few waves of epidemics and measures are announced only when the numbers are running – when they are already difficult to correct. “I think he’s late again,” Primula said.

“It’s too late now”

According to him, the government should have tightened the measures 14 days ago, but now it is too late. The epidemiologist estimates that the restrictions will continue in the Czech Republic for about half a year.

According to the president of the Federation of Regions of the Czech Republic and the governor of the South Bohemia region, Martin Kubo, the government is “sleeping” in this regard.

From a professional standpoint, he and Prymula do not consider area testing necessary, especially if it is not possible to isolate each infected person and dispose of their contacts.

According to Deputy Health Minister Martina Vsakova, it is important that people strictly adhere to the procedures in place and implemented.

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She mentioned that this is not eradication of the virus, because according to her opinion, it is not possible. But the goal is to have immunity – she added, adding that Ireland, for example, has the same number of infected people as in the previous wave, but also far fewer people in hospitals.

Vasakova added that the Ministry of Health will probably allow next week to re-vaccinate people against the Corona virus after only five months, instead of the previous six months.