January 29, 2022

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Coronavirus: Boris Johnson staff joke about party during lockdown video

Boris Johnson is due to appear before the House of Commons at the traditional question hour on Wednesday. Johnson is expected to face anger and disappointment as MPs are questioned.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government has come under fire over a video clip from last year in which the Prime Minister’s Office joked about a Christmas party, which allegedly occurred at a time when severe crime restrictions were in place. Sky News reported.

According to British media, the video released by ITV New shows how senior Downing Street employees are rehearsing for a press conference. The record allegedly took place on December 22 – four days after the alleged celebration.

Christmas celebration

“I just saw the news on Twitter about having a Christmas party in Downing Street on Friday night. Do you know this information?” One of Johnson’s advisers at the time, press secretary Allegra Stratton, asks in the video.

“I’m back home,” Stratton answers the test question, then laughs and says, “Wait, wait.”

The chancellor continues: “Will the prime minister agree to the Christmas party?” Stratton laughs again and asks, “What should I answer?”

“They’re recording this. This imaginary party was a business meeting…and (people) didn’t follow the prescribed distances,” continues Stratton, laughing.

The video sparked outrage and a wave of criticism from the media and politicians – opposition Labor leader Keir Starmer and SNP leader Ian Blackford called Johnson to step down. Johnson has also been criticized by several Conservative MPs, including Roger Gill, who has said the prime minister should resign if the allegations are confirmed.

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The police deal with it

Health Minister Sajid Javid canceled his planned media appearance after the video was posted. Johnson is due to appear before the House of Commons at the traditional question hour on Wednesday. During questioning of MPs, Johnson is expected to face anger and disappointment not only from the opposition, but also from his fellow Conservative Party, Sky News comments.

The video is also being handled by the police, who boycotted Christmas parties in London in December 2020 and fined the organizers £10,000.

The Metropolitan Police said: “We are aware of videos … related to an alleged violation of health regulations in a government building in December 2020”.

“As a general rule, we do not investigate violations of the Covid regulations retroactively, but we will take these images into account when making decisions,” the police added.

“No Christmas party took place. A Downing Street spokesperson responded to the controversial video and media reports always relevant to AIDS rules.”