January 29, 2022

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Coronavirus: 2,000 people have been quarantined due to an omicron variant at an international school in Switzerland

Two thousand people in the Swiss cantons of Geneva and delegations, including about 1,600 children, were forced to quarantine for ten days after two cases of the mutated Omicron virus were detected on the campus of a private international school.

German news agency and Reuters reported on Friday. Based on the decision of the health authorities in both cantons, quarantine and PCR testing will apply to everyone who stayed on the campus of the International School of Geneva in Founex this week.

According to the school’s website, Founex enrolls approximately 1,500 children and youth between the ages of 3 and 18 who come from more than 80 countries. However, schoolchildren from Geneva, 25 kilometers away, also visit the site.

Both confirmed cases are closely related to the family of a positive person who returned from South Africa. In addition to students, their parents and siblings should also be tested for the presence of this type of virus.

Compulsory quarantine has been lifted

The Swiss government announced on Friday that it will cancel the mandatory quarantine from Saturday after arriving from countries where the omicron variant has occurred. According to her, this measure no longer makes sense, since Omicron is already traded within Switzerland itself.

In this context, AFP notes that a large number of skiers in Swiss resorts are tourists from Britain, Belgium and the Netherlands, who were also on the quarantine list. People who are already quarantined can stop it right away, but they have to do a PCR test.

After discovering several cases of omicron in five cantons, Switzerland imposed travel restrictions for the southern African region and mandatory quarantine for people arriving from 23 countries, including Japan, the United Kingdom and Canada.

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Unrested tourists are prohibited

All people coming to Switzerland must prove a negative PCR test result and fill out an entry form. They should then have another test on the fourth to seventh day. Exceptions to these rules are granted to people coming from border areas in neighboring countries, such as Austria, France, Germany, Italy and Liechtenstein.

AFP reports that about 340,000 people come to Switzerland every day for work.

The Swiss government has also decided that unvaccinated foreign tourists from the high-risk areas of the Schengen area will not be able to enter the country.