March 7, 2021

Corona virus UK: Northern Ireland lockout extended latest news

The latest vaccine statistics from the UK

The Stormont administrator has agreed to extend Northern Ireland’s current lockout until April 1, but students will begin returning to the classroom as a phase from March.

The PA news agency understands that elementary school students in the B1 to B3 year groups will return to face-to-face learning on March 8, while high school students in the age groups 12 to 14 will return to school on March 22.

According to the latest NHS data, the number of people receiving two doses of the vaccine in the UK has surpassed half a million.

A total of 14,318,115 Govt-19 vaccines were administered in the UK from December 8 to February 17, according to provisional NHS UK data including first and second doses. Of these, 13,817,914 were the first dose and 500,201 were the second dose.

Meanwhile, the further discovery of a variant of the South African virus in Leeds has sparked further “uprising” testing.


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Govt infections drop by more than two-thirds, but study shows they are ‘high’

Corona virus infections have dropped significantly from January to February, new figures show, but the incidence is higher in the UK.

In a study of 85,437 fabrics tested across the country between February 4-13, only one in 200 cases of Govit-19 were tested positively.

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The Prime Minister must report on international travel, says the EasyJet boss

The head of EasyJet has called on Boris Johnson to submit a report on the route to international travel, the owner of EasyJet said when the government’s route map was unveiled next week.

“We also know that Monday will be an important day for all, and we need a clear statement on the path to international travel in the Prime Minister’s announcement,” said Johan Lundgren, CEO of EasyJet.

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The expert says it is ‘negligence’ to delay paying compensation to key workers for the long haul

Dr Helena McGowan, head of the British Medical Association’s representative body that appeared at the BBC breakfast, said it would be “indifferent” if the government waited for further research into the situation before considering compensation.

He said: “Doctors, nurses, other leading key workers – we know those who re-signed Kovit in the spring (last year) and still have symptoms.

“Some have already lost their livelihoods. We know GPS and other doctors and health workers who need to leave their procedures. ”

Dr. McGowan asked, “Can’t the government say, ‘Wait for us to get evidence in five years or more?'”: “What about these people who need help with their families and their livelihoods now?” “

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Experts warn that the level of corona virus exposure is ‘very, very, very high’

Although the levels of the virus have dropped, one expert has warned that they are “very, very high” and called on people to be “alert.”

Professor Paul Elliott, director of the React program at Imperial College London, said while the latest findings are encouraging, there needs to be a “cautious” approach.

He told Sky News: “The spread is still very high at this time. We need to get them down further.

“This is really encouraging news. What we have seen today is that the virus is declining, the R value is strong below 1, which means it is shrinking rather than growing.

“But we have to be careful, because, as I say, the pressure on the NHS is still high, and there are still a lot of patients in the hospital with the corona virus, unfortunately.”

Klia Scobeliti18 February 2021 09:19


The health minister is telling people to be ‘patient’ and have not yet booked summer vacations

Health Minister Helen Watley urged people to be “patient” while waiting for the arrival of an international trip.

“We see good data coming in, I have to remind you and the audience about the clearly declining rates, however we still have more than 20,000 patients at Govt Hospital.

“On Saturday alone we received more than 1,000 new additions with Govt. So people are catching on to it and still being hospitalized. So we have to take this step by step.

“But on Monday the Prime Minister is going to set up a roadmap to get out of this and see more information on the steps we can take to ease controls and return to default.”

Klia Scobeliti18 February 2021 09:30


The Health Minister confirms that the government is paying attention to the regular check-ups of students

The government is considering continuing to test students to allow children to return to school, a health minister has confirmed, describing it as “work in progress”.

Helen Watley told BBC Radio 4 Today: “Work is underway to see how the test will help schools come back. But more details about it will be next week. ”

Boris Johnson will set out the government’s plan to ease restrictions on Monday following an analysis of the latest figures.

Ms. Watley will not be drawn to the statement that parents of middle school children will be asked to administer rapid flow tests at intervals.

He also said that visits to care homes should be opened before residents receive their second vaccine dose.

Klia Scobeliti18 February 2021 09:54


The Minister notes that the rules for going to care homes can be relaxed within weeks

Helen Watley points out the rules for coming home to care, which allows for greater communication between individuals and older relatives who have received the first dose of a Govt vaccine.

When the UK came out of the national lockout, the defense minister said he “really wanted to open up” residential homes and stressed that people with the disease could do this before they had their second job.

Report issued Ashley Cowburn:

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The expert says that eradicating the corona virus in Scotland is ‘almost impossible’

Eradication of the corona virus in Scotland is almost impossible, underscoring the need for the country to learn to live with the virus, a health expert says.

According to Dr. Christine Tide-Burkard, a research fellow in the field of immunology and immunology at the Roslin Institute at the University of Edinburgh, the UK is fundamentally different from New Zealand and Australia where such strategies are “highly feasible” because you can only reach these countries by long plane or sea voyage.

He said we need to learn to live with the virus because it is so widespread around the world and it means staying here.

Speaking on BBC Radio Scotland’s Good Morning Scotland program on Thursday, he said: “This is a very difficult strategy to pursue, in my opinion it is impossible because we live in a multicultural society and have very close contacts. Continent.”

Dr. Tide-Burkard, when the UK is geographically different from Australia and New Zealand, the UK vaccination efforts mean that we are on a “good way” and “we must begin to live with the virus, carefully weighing all the negatives, but the virus is very widespread around the world The fact is that the virus is here to stay. “

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UK nightlife in danger of ‘extinction’ due to Govt, the report warns

The warning came as the prime minister made a plea for a return date for live concerts and festivals, with delegates warning that many of the organizations that host the shows would die at the expense of thousands of jobs. , If they are not clear about the future.

Mr Johnson has pointed out that the rapid breakthrough can be used to allow places like nightclubs and concert halls to allow Govt to test customers.

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