October 22, 2021

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Corona Virus: Thousands of people in Britain are not recognized after receiving the unapproved Novavax vaccine

Novavax vaccines complain that they are “severely disadvantaged” because they face travel obstacles and cannot apply for another vaccine.

Nearly 15,000 people vaccinated against the coronavirus vaccine with Novavax in Britain complain during clinical trials that, despite being vaccinated, they do not enjoy the same freedoms as the general population.

The vaccine in question has not yet been approved for use in the UK, which means that people who have received it are unable to prove this with an official vaccination certificate. The Palestinian News Agency and the Political Affairs Department reported on Monday.

Participants in clinical trials said they felt trapped and did not know when and if the vaccine they received would be allowed in Britain. They are critical of the fact that although they volunteered to support science at the start of the pandemic, they must, for example, travel freely or receive another officially authorized vaccine.

So they wrote a petition on Change.org asking Health Minister Sajid Javid to help them. They say they are “severely disadvantaged” because they face obstacles in travel and cannot apply for another vaccine. “We call on ministers to rectify this situation immediately so that volunteers who have received the Novavax vaccine can travel as freely as other people who have been vaccinated,” they said.

A British government spokesman said: “Volunteers who have participated in officially approved vaccine tests in Britain should not be denied vaccine approval policies.” “We are determined to act on this,” he promised. He said clinical trials of vaccines were key to developing safe and effective vaccines that prevented 230,800 hospitalizations and 112,300 deaths.

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A spokesperson for US drugmaker Novavax said they are actively negotiating with several regulatory authorities, including the European Medicines Agency (EMA), the World Health Organization (WHO) and the UK Medicines and Health Products Regulatory Authority (MHRA), to offer their services. Study with necessary evidence of vaccination.