December 2, 2021

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Corona Virus: The Czech Republic moves Slovakia and Croatia to the category of dark red

For the Czech Republic, the dark red area means areas at high risk of infection.

Czech Republic from Monday within the borders of the so-called Traveler Maps will tighten the conditions for return from Denmark, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein. These will move from the orange category to the red category, which are the countries at risk of contracting the coronavirus. Bulgaria, Croatia and Slovakia will be among the regions at high risk of infection.

The decision was made by the Czech Ministry of Health. News servers and reported this on Friday.

Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Liechtenstein so far belong to the orange category, that is, the groups of countries with an average risk of infection with the Coronavirus. From November 1, they will move to the red category, which includes Belgium, Finland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Hungary, Germany, Austria and Greece.

Conversely, Cyprus will move from the red high-risk group to the medium-risk orange group. In this category are currently Andorra, San Marino, Sweden, Switzerland, the Balearic Islands, France, Monaco and Portugal, including the Azores.

Slovakia, Croatia, Bulgaria and Ireland, which have belonged to the red category until now, will be in the dark red zone, which are areas at high risk of infection. It will join Latvia, Romania, Estonia, Lithuania, Slovenia and other countries outside the European Union.

The same rules apply to returns from countries in the dark red category as they apply to returns from the red category.

Before returning to the Czech Republic, people must fill out an arrival form. Returnees from red and dark areas must also undergo an antigen or PCR test before returning if they are using public transportation upon their return. Such persons are also obliged to take a PCR test upon their return to the Czech Republic, as early as the fifth day and at the latest on the fourteenth day after entering the territory of the Czech Republic.

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In the case of using individual transport, it is not necessary to undergo a test before the start of the flight, but passengers must undergo a PCR test upon entering the territory of the Czech Republic – first on the fifth day and no later than today. 14. They must wear a respirator for the result to be sent.