October 23, 2021

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Corona Virus: Russians reject reports of theft of developmental patterns on Sputnik V.

The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RFPI), which is responsible for marketing Sputnik V abroad, has categorically denied using the Vaxzevria vector vaccine formula stolen from Oxford/AstraZeneca in its development.

And the Interfax news agency reported today, Monday, that the Saharawi Communications Authority also described an article in the Monday edition of the British newspaper “The Sun”, which it wrote about as fake and full of lies based on information from unknown sources.

The Russian fund added that the article from The Sun is also not significant from a scientific point of view, because Sputnik V and Vaxzevria “use completely different platforms.”

While Sputnik V is based on the well-studied human adenovirus vector platform previously used by the Gamalej Research Center to develop vaccines against Ebola and MERS, Vaxzevria uses the chimpanzee adenovirus vector platform, according to the RFPI.

In addition, Sputnik V uses a unique heterogeneous approach enhanced with human adenovirus 26 serotype rAd26 and serotype 5 rAd5, while AstraZeneca and other COVID-19 vaccine developers use the same substance in both doses.

According to the RFPI, an article in The Sun is unethical and harms everyone’s efforts to combat the coronavirus.

Reports of theft of Russian agents

The RFPI also noted that the authors of Sputnik V and Vaxzevria are conducting joint compatibility studies of their preparations and have preliminary results on the safety and efficacy of their combination.

According to The Sun, the vaccine formula developed by Oxford and AstraZeneca was stolen by Russian intelligence agents. A spokesman for Russian President Dmitry Peskov called the tabloid “absolutely unscientific” on Monday. The British government declined to comment on The Sun’s article on Monday.

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The Russian Ministry of Health registered Sputnik V as early as August 2020 – making it the world’s first vaccine against COVID-19. According to The Lancet, its efficiency is 91.6 percent. Sputnik V is approved for use in about 70 countries.