October 22, 2021

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Corona Virus: Other members of the Cabinet and Bolsonaro’s son have been infected in Brazil

Two other members of the Brazilian Cabinet and the son of President Jair Bolsonaro have tested positive for the coronavirus. Reuters reported on Friday.

The positive test result was announced on Friday by Agriculture Minister Teresa Cristina, Attorney General Bruno Bianco – who also has the status of minister – and Federal Representative Eduardo Bolsonaro. The same information was published a few days ago by the Brazilian Minister of Health, Marcelo Quiroga, who, with Bolsonaro, attended the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

Quiruga tested positive on Tuesday and has been kept in solitary confinement in New York. The other members of the Brazilian delegation returned home on Wednesday. Then President Bolsonaro quarantined and canceled his planned programme.

Bolsonaro’s son was part of the delegation

The Brazilian delegation in New York also included the Brazilian president’s son, the 37-year-old member of the lower house of the federal parliament, Eduardo Bolsonaro. He reported his positive coronavirus test on Twitter on Friday, and also said he was vaccinated with the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine.

Agriculture Minister Teresa Cristina, who was not in New York, announced her diagnosis a week after meeting G20 ministers in Italy.

“I have tested positive for COVID-19. I feel fine. I have canceled all in-person meetings and will remain in quarantine for the time recommended by doctors,” she wrote on Twitter, adding that the minister had been vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Bianco was vaccinated with the first dose of the vaccine

The attorney general’s press office said Bianco did not show signs of infection and was in solitary confinement. He added that Bianco was vaccinated with the first dose of an anti-cancer vaccine.

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Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, who has appeared in public several times during his stay in New York, has yet to receive the vaccine. He has stated several times that he will be the last Brazilian to be vaccinated. He also claims he does not need the vaccine because he has “enough antibodies” after the disease is gone, but his government is facing criticism for its handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Bolsonaro caught the media’s attention in the United States after he was photographed in New York eating pizza in front of a restaurant. It was not triggered specifically because it was not vaccinated.