January 21, 2022

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Corona Virus: Omicron is already the dominant variant of the Corona virus in the United States

The omicron variant of the rapidly spreading coronavirus is now the dominant variant in the United States, accounting for 73.2 percent of new cases last week for which data is available.

The health authorities, cited by Agence France-Presse, were informed of the matter on Monday.

The information, confirmed by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), is based on data from the week ending Saturday, December 18. Over the past week, omicrons accounted for only 12.6 percent of infections in the United States.

The CDC said Omicron already accounts for more than 90 percent of new cases in the Northwest (in an area called the Pacific Northwest) and most cases in the South and parts of the Midwest.

The report came ahead of US President Joe Biden’s speech on the coronavirus on Tuesday. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has already announced that the president has no plans to “shut down the country” and deal with a new wave of cases.

calling for vaccination

“This letter is intended to directly and clearly explain the benefits of vaccination to Americans. We will improve its availability and strengthen testing,” Psaki said.

The US’s chief pandemic advisor, Anthony Fauci, warned Sunday of an unhappy winter, as the omicron variant triggered a rapid new wave of infections around the world. “With Omicron, it’s going to be tough for weeks to months,” Fauci added.

Despite indications that Omicron is no more dangerous than the world’s dominant delta variant, preliminary data suggest that it may be more contagious and possibly more resistant to vaccines.

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Omikron was first reported in South Africa (South Africa) in November, and has since been found in dozens of countries, dashing hopes that the world’s worst phase of the epidemic is over.

Advise people in front of the test centers

Hospitals are very busy across the United States, with long queues of people in front of testing centers, and sports and entertainment events being canceled one after another.

Controlling the coronavirus has proven to be a difficult task in a country where vaccines and curtains have become vexing political issues, and where federal government regulations end up in protracted legal battles.