April 17, 2021

Corona Virus News Live Updates: A UK returnee positive test in Thane, Maharashtra; 355 new cases have been reported in the district

Corona virus live updates: 55 people have returned to KTMC-restricted areas from the UK since November 25, according to a civic body.

Corona virus News Latest Updates: One of more than 50 people returning from the UK to the Kalyan Dombivli area in Maharashtra’s Thane district in the last one month has been tested. COVID-19 Positively, officials said Saturday. Since November 25, 55 people from the UK have returned to areas under the Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Corporation (KTMC), according to the civic body.

“20 of them underwent swap tests and one from Dombivli tested positive for the infection. That person has been isolated,” KTMC said in a statement. The person’s cloth wipe sample has been sent to Pune for further analysis.

According to officials, 349 people have returned to Thane district from the UK in the past month.

Eight people, who recently returned to Kerala from the UK, have tested positive Corona virus Their samples have been sent to the National Institute of Virology in Pune for genetic analysis. Health Minister KK Shilaja said on Saturday that the samples of the eight returnees were positive COVID-19 And their samples have been sent to NIV for further testing.

Following this development, it has been decided to subject the returnees to further testing. Surveillance has been further strengthened at four international airports in the state.

Among the states, Kerala had the highest number of single-day recoveries at 4,506, followed by West Bengal at 1,954 and Maharashtra at 1,427.

Karnataka Health Minister K Sudhakar said on Saturday that 14 people who had come to the state from the UK so far had tested positive COVID-19 Their samples are sent for genetic sorting to find out if it is a new viral infection.

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Kerala Health Minister KK Shailaja said on Saturday that the samples of the eight returnees were positive COVID-19 And their samples have been sent to NIV for further testing.

India’s daily fresh COVID-19 The death toll has been below 300 for more than six months, at 1,47,343, while the number of infections has risen to 1,01,69,118, the health ministry said.

A total of 251 deaths and 22,273 new infections were reported in the 24-hour period, the health ministry said on Saturday.

According to the Medical Research Council of India (ICMR), 16,71,59,289 COVID-19 Samples have been tested until December 25, of which 8,53,527 samples were tested on Friday alone.

There are 22,272 new cases reported in India COVID-19 And 251 deaths within 24 hours, according to the Federal Ministry of Health. With the new epidemics, the country’s total number has now risen to 1,01,69,118.

In a home-to-home communication campaign run by the Delhi government to widely test travelers returning to the UK COVID-19 , So far eight people have been affected Corona virus , Officials said Friday.

Of the more than 13,000 people who landed at IGI Airport from the UK from November 25 to December 21, a total of 19 passengers were found to be in favor of the virus.

Eleven people were positively tested at the airport and eight were found to be positive during house-to-house contact and test drive, a senior Delhi government official said.

“All 19 positive patients have been admitted to a special facility set up at the LNJP Hospital where they will undergo genetic testing to determine if they are suffering from Super Spreader strain. Corona virus This was reported in the United Kingdom, “the source said.

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So far, one person per capita in the south-eastern and south-western districts of Delhi has been reported to have returned from the UK in recent weeks in favor of the virus. The remaining positive individuals are residents of other districts.

A man from Dwarka in south-west Delhi was found returning from the UK on December 19 COVID-19 Positive. The man’s father also tested positive, but an official said he was asymptomatic.

The whole family is isolated in a corporate facility, the official said.

In the New Delhi district, passengers returning to the UK are tested by RTPCR tests. So far no one was able to send in the perfect solution, they said.

House-to-house contact and surveillance work has been underway for the past few weeks to track people returning from the UK. Among them, those who show even the slightest symptoms are tested for RTPCR, they said.

Of the more than 13,000 passengers who landed at IGI Airport from the UK, 1,400 have been identified as Delhi residents, officials said. They said the list of passengers provided by the Civil Aviation Bureau was being sorted and all Delhi residents returning from the UK would be contacted.

Delhi Health Minister Satyender Jain on Wednesday said that all those who have traveled to Delhi from the UK in the last two weeks will be identified and tested.

The Delhi government is aware that all people traveling from the UK to Delhi in the last two weeks will be identified, tested and isolated, he said in a statement.

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Delhi government officials on Wednesday said they had improved surveillance of city dwellers returning from the UK in the past few weeks to prevent house isolation.

Teams of health department and civil defense volunteers have been stationed at the district level to monitor those who have returned from the UK and tested negative from November 25 to December 23, but whose homes need to be isolated.

The government has set up a separate facility at the LNJP Hospital for UK travelers who are found COVID-19 The RT-PCR tests conducted at IGI Airport were positive, for their treatment and genetic testing, officials said.

Besides, a five-star hotel in Aerocity near the airport is reserved as an isolated facility, while a COVID-19 They said the maintenance center in south Delhi would act as a free corporate isolation facility for passengers from flights where positive cases are detected.

Passengers who have returned from the UK in the past few weeks and been found to be negative will be subject to two weeks of home isolation, after which there will be another two weeks, officials said.