January 27, 2022

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Corona Virus: New measures come into effect in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland

The new measures aim to prevent the spread of the omicron variant.

In Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, new restrictions have been in place since Sunday to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The DPA reports that no new restrictions have been imposed in England yet.

In line with the restrictions, a maximum of six people will be able to meet in restaurants, cinemas and eateries in Wales. A maximum of 30 people will be able to gather together at indoor events, and 50 outdoors. In public places and workplaces, a spacing of two meters is required. Nightclubs will be closed.

In Scotland, large events will be required and the maximum number of participants without assigned seats is 100. If seats are allocated, the number of potential participants will increase to 200, with a maximum of 500 people able to meet outdoors. .

After a day, up to three indoor and outdoor homes such as bars, restaurants, theaters, cinemas, and gyms can gather at the same time. However, individual groups can maintain a safety distance of one meter.

Northern Ireland also imposes new restrictions on Sunday and December 27, including closing nightclubs. Six people and a maximum of ten people, if they are members of the same household, will be able to sit at the same table in bars, hostels or restaurants.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has yet to announce changes to the rules for England, but has indicated he will not hesitate to introduce new measures after Christmas in order to prevent the rapid spread of a new, more contagious variant of omicron.

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