November 28, 2021

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Corona Virus Japan has seen a dramatic drop in positives: a shocking explanation from scientists!

Corona Virus Japan has seen a dramatic drop in positives: a shocking explanation from scientists!

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As early as the beginning of September, the number of new coronavirus cases increased in Japan. But within two months, the situation there has changed and cases have increased by the dozens. according to czech For example, there were 135 of them on Sunday, while at the end of the summer holidays they reported as many as 26,000 cases in a single day. Experts have tried to find out the reason for this dramatic decline.

According to them, it is likely that during the devastating wave, the virus mutated so much that it began to kill itself and thus died. Experts say that the virus can replicate poorly and that the new version is weaker than the previous one and therefore either disappears or spreads worse among people.

So this may have happened in Japan as well. The virus mutated at the height of the September wave in Japan so that it also repeated with errors. It is clear that new mutations lost the ability to correct individual differences, and thus coronaviruses began to die out under the influence of their behavior.

“We were shocked when we found out.” He told the Japanese daily Etoro Ino of the National Institute of Genetics. “The delta mutation is very attractive and usually does not give the other variants a chance. But the virus has mutated en masse, and we think the broken pathogen has emerged and is no longer able to replicate itself. Inoue added.

The discipline of people who adhere to the procedures and the high vaccination rate also contribute to the significant improvement of the situation in Japan. However, experts are convinced that such a significant reduction in the number of the virus in the population would not have happened if the coronavirus had not started to disappear on its own.

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