January 29, 2022

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Corona virus: In the UK, up to 60% of hospital admissions are unvaccinated

Patrick Valens, Chief Scientific Adviser to the British Government, made the announcement.

Sixty percent of British hospitals with COVID-19 are currently unvaccinated. According to Sky News, Patrick Valence, chief scientific adviser to the British government, made the announcement on Monday.

Wallace previously said that 60 percent of people are vaccinated with two doses of the vaccine. However, he later corrected the report, Sky News writes on its website.

“I am correcting the figures I provided at a press conference today, July 19,” Wallace wrote on Twitter. He noted that about 60 per cent of those admitted to the hospital with Kovit currently represent those who have not been vaccinated.

During a conference on Downing Street in London, Valens said more than 1,000 people are expected to be admitted to the hospital with Covid every day. Vaccines are “very, very effective, but not 100 percent,” he noted.

Valens said the UK is very close to previous “winter wave” infections. “During the winter tide, we tested about 60,000 people positively every day … now we are somewhere around 50,000 points. So we are close to the extent of the winter tide infection, and it will increase,” he added. .

Despite the continuing increase in new corona virus infections, almost all remaining anti-infective measures have not been in effect in the UK since midnight local time (01.00 CET). The United Kingdom begins to cancel the rest of the proceedings or introduce in its own way, maintaining some of the proceedings after July 19th.

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